Embracing the Digital Era: Interviews With 4 Top Marketers.

In this video series, we hear from trailblazing marketers representing Panasonic, Contiki, William Grant & Sons and Elevate Credit.
Dino Kuckovic
February 20, 2018 - 3 min. read

What do Falcon.io and online magazine The Drum have in common? Both companies believe that marketing can change the world, especially in the digital era.

Back in November, we met up with four of our customers in London to discuss trending digital marketing topics. The outcome is an insights-packed four-part video series featured on The Drum. These explore how top companies are embracing the latest marketing trends that will shape their 2018.

You can watch the full interviews below.

Episode 1: Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2018
Episode 2: Influencers Will Not Solve All Your Problems
Episode 3: Brands ‘Over-Invest’ in Videos
Episode 4: ‘Pinterest Will Get Even Bigger For Us’

Episode 1: Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2018
Great influencer marketing content can do a lot to sway audience opinions, spark chatter, increase brand loyalty and boost sales. In the first video in our series, Panasonic UK’s Head of Digital, Anand Narayanan, talks about the importance of influencer marketing in 2018.

“Influencer marketing cannot be treated as an independent marketing pillar. It does need to be an integrated marketing approach,” says Anand Narayanan of Panasonic.

Episode 2: Influencers Will Not Solve All Your Problems
Round two of our customer video series features Contiki’s Social Media Wizard & Influencer Manager, Natalie Siagian.

My first thought upon seeing her title was to ask how she sprinkles magical fairy dust on her brand’s marketing to make it such a success! In the video, Natalie tells us all about what Contiki does to increase organic social media engagement.

Natalie Siagian of Contiki: “Travel isn’t linear. The journey isn’t a straight line. Our marketing is geared to ensuring that we go within the consumer need states and where they are in the moment.”

The time you devote to building relationships with your audience can be a tremendous opportunity to gain traction for your business. And, as Natalie says, the Falcon platform can help identify “what types of content people are consuming” which has allowed Contiki “to optimize and enter the new year.”

Episode 3: Brands ‘Over-Invest’ in Videos
This time around The Drum sits down with Cathal Gillen, Global Senior Content & Connections Manager at William Grant & Sons.

The whisky distiller owns multiple brands and in 2017 launched the well-received “Beauty of Blend” campaign for Tullamore Dew. Gillen offers up several nuggets of advice for brands working video, warning that some are simply “over-investing” in the medium. He also advises a healthy degree of cynicism in relation to the social media metrics being used to measure performance.

“When we look at impression numbers and reach numbers, we try to see how people have been impacted. You might have reached 10 million people but, how many people have viewed it?” – Cathal Gillen of William Grant & Sons.

Episode 4: ‘Pinterest Will Get Even Bigger for Us’ 
In the fourth and final episode or our video series with The Drum, Helen Fox of Elevate Credit talks about how a data-driven approach creates greater engagement.

It may seem surprising at first that a financial brand is active on Pinterest. However, by posting the kind of content they know their audience finds relevant – ‘money-saving tips’ for example – Helen says they have found success on the lifestyle-oriented platform.

“We want all our content to be a natural fit on the platform, so we are looking at why customers are using it and we try to accommodate that. ”
—Helen Fox, Marketing Community Manager at Elevate Credit.

Helen attributes Elevate Credit’s success to using data to understand their audience’s “wants and needs” alongside a level of personalization that is “timely and relevant and hitting people with content that is useful to them in that moment.”

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Good vibes from our friends over at Elevate Credit!

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