Making a Commitment to Social Customer Service.

With consumers increasingly taking service issues to social media channels, social engagement has become a vital part of customer service.
Ronja Gustavsson
October 24, 2013 - 3 min. read

Customer service teams using social media to communicate with consumers can drive business. By monitoring consumer reviews and responding to questions and complaints posted publicly on social channels, organisations can significantly improve brand image and customer satisfaction. At Falcon Social we’ve found that when consumers receive good social customer service they are much more likely to endorse, or feel a strong affinity towards a brand.


Good social engagement and social customer care can help reduce costs as customer service representatives can handle more queries on social media than on the phone. According to Gartner’s report Use This Beginner’s Guide to Outsourcing Social CRM, the social customer relationship management agent can manage four to eight times more high-value interactions, compared with a voice-based contact centre agent.


Social channels offer valuable insights into what customers like and dislike about brands. Customers are swayed by other customers’ comments on social pages and businesses that don’t engage on social channels are unable to manage negative feedback, which could ultimately lose customers. In addition, many customers are less likely to buy from businesses that fail to respond to their questions and complaints.

Organisations need to manage social customer service 24/7 and be ready to engage with customers to prevent complaints from escalating and damaging a brand. With mobile devices consumers can go social with comments anytime and anywhere. For example, if they receive poor customer service while queuing in a store they could tweet or leave a post on Facebook there and then, they can even take a photograph or make a video recording and share this online within seconds.

“Organisations need to manage social customer service 24/7 and be ready to engage with customers to prevent complaints from escalating and damaging a brand. “

Don’t Miss A Valuable Opportunity

When a British Airways customer recently paid for a promoted tweet to criticise the airline for losing his father’s luggage the tweet ‘Don’t fly @BritishAirways their customer service is horrendous’ gained more than 25,000 impressions within six hours. Yet despite its prominence the airline took four hours to respond – BA blamed the delay on its Twitter feed only being open ‘0900-1700 GMT,’ rather than 24 hours.

This shows sorting through vast amounts of social data and training customer service representatives to quickly and effectively respond to messages is a challenge for even large enterprises.

Improving Efficiencies

We have developed the Falcon Social platform with the entire enterprise in mind, so teams can work together to make managing these social channels easy and efficient. The Falcon Social platform provides a complete view of conversations as they happen across geographies, which is essential for engaging with customers globally, around the clock and on a growing number of social channels. It allows organisations to categorize social messages so urgent issues can be prioritised and dealt with immediately by customer service representatives or escalated to other departments such as crisis communications.

While a personal approach to social customer care is recommended, a large proportion of an organisation’s responses can be automated. Agents can be equipped with a selection of pre-approved messages for standard responses, and message approval processes put in place for more complex or sensitive issues. The Falcon Social platform also offers a range of analytical tools to measure the performance of social customer service along with marketing campaigns.

By coordinating efforts organisations’ marketing, customer service, communications and sales teams can ensure consistent messaging and make the most of resources to proactively engage with customers. This allows positive comments to be maximised, problems to be resolved faster and any negative feedback to be nipped in the bud.

Effective Social Customer Service
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