By Caroline Henley

April 22nd, 2015

I’ve witnessed a growing trend lately: business pages are letting their promoted posts go unattended.

You may have seen this happening to other advertisers when you’re scrolling through your News Feed. A promoted post hangs there, with hundreds of people leaving comments, questions, to no avail–and then the conversation steers away from what the company tried to promote, to the fact that the company is not listening to its potential customers.

Are you set up to effectively reply to all the comments coming through your ads?

Something about my Facebook profile has clumped me into the custom audiences for those ingredient-delivery companies that have become popular these past couple of years. (You know, the startup subscription companies that send you a box of ingredients to make a gourmet meal–it’s a thing!) These have also been some of the most engaging ads I have seen lately in my News Feed. Curiosity piqued, Facebook users are jumping into the comments in these ads, sharing their experiences with the services, debating pricing.

facebook ad comments

But I haven’t stumbled on any instances on these ads where they have responded to their readers’ questions. There are even some guilty parties in the social media marketing business itself. After these ads have been running for a few days, the conversation becomes somewhat heated. People are left thinking, why is this company pushing its messaging onto me, then running away–why are they advertising to me on social media but not being social?

Not only does the value of each of these unattended ads plummet, but so can the company’s reputation. It’s extremely risky!

I think this is one of the biggest mistakes anyone advertising on Facebook can make–with one simple solution: Reply to the comments people leave on your Facebook ads.

Missing notifications 
Seeing the notifications can be tricky for many advertisers, who publish an ad through Facebook’s Power Editor and never see it again. There could be hundreds of potential customers asking questions on the posts.

When you are signed in as Facebook for Business, they might be lost somewhere in your Admin Panel’s red notifications.

facebook ad comments

Notifications become indecipherable, piling up after just a few minutes.

If you are publishing dark posts, you have to go into Power Editor and click “View in News Feed” and click to find the permalink for each ad individually to see the post’s engagement. This is difficult and time-consuming–which explains why so many ads are going unchecked.

facebook ad comments

Here are three ways to ensure you’re set up for success when engaging fans on your promoted Facebook posts:

  1. Resolve on a strategy before you publish your Facebook ad
  2. Make sure you’ve got a birds-eye-view on your ads
  3. Filter your messages into one place

Resolve on an engagement strategy before posting ads
Is your messaging somewhat controversial? Anticipate any crises and nail down the language you want to use in your response. If people want to use the ad comments to discuss sensitive subjects–perhaps they’re asking about canceling a subscription–are you going to provide the answer in the comments, or link to a page with the answer? If people are ganging up on the company in regards to one topic, how can you effectively satiate their questions and also steer the conversation towards something more positive, perhaps with a new comment?

Get a bird’s-eye view of your ads
Whether you are a social media manager, a lead generation advertiser, or a community manager, make sure you and your entire team have a bird’s-eye-view on all the content you are promoting on social. Set up your team so that community managers known when ads will be deployed. Make sure there is a process in place so that the whole team has access to the notifications that are coming through, and make sure it is clear which team members are responsible for answering queries and engaging fans.

Filter your messages into one place 
Shameless plug here, but Falcon is one of the only tools on the market that can do this. By having all your social networks connected in Engage, all your incoming comments and questions will appear in one place–filterable and arranged by priority. You can then can check off each answered comment as you go. Potential customers will be happy, newcomers to the thread will see your engagement, and the organic reach on your answers will start ticking higher and higher.  

The need to address this issue speaks to a growing trend. Paid ads and social media customer service are intersecting quite fast. And it’s only going to be more important for the people who are running your social media marketing and the people engaging your communities to work hand-in-hand. Kill those silos, people, to stay agile and successfully get ahead in your social media marketing.

Creating a social media strategy.

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