Scoping Out the Social Shake-Up.

The Social Shake-Up is an essential conference for anyone in the social marketing space, and Falcon Social will be there. What we're excited for.
Matthew Klein
June 8, 2015 - 3 min. read

The Social Shake-Up is coming up fast. A few of us here at Falcon Social will be flocking down to Atlanta from points north, New York and Copenhagen, and we’re looking forward to, well, all of it.  

There are a lot of great events out there for digital marketers and businesses. But Social Shake-Up stands out—because it’s focused specifically on social media, and because it attracts leaders from across the social media world. They’ll bring a range of perspectives and insights, gained through real-world experience.

It’ll be hard to choose from the immense wealth of content packed into these two days, but here are a few things we’re most looking forward to.

It looks like this year there will be an even greater focus on how businesses can capitalize on social media beyond the marketing department—and how they can connect those efforts to do better by their customers. I’m particularly excited about two panels that look at these issues: “The Impact of Social Media on Customer Experience,” with Dan Gingiss of Discover and “Collaboration for Omni-Channel Success: How Service and Marketing Intersect.”

Some of the most valuable conference sessions help you deal with not just the issues of today but those that will be critical to success a few years down the line. That’s why I’ll definitely be showing up to “Future of Work Special Focus: How to Optimize Your Business for the Social Age,” featuring Chad Pollitt, Erica Benton of Linkedin and Dana Strokovsky from Discover.

Innovative data use always piques our interest. “Retail and Data: Leading the Way in Customer Engagement” looks fantastic. There are so many ways to measure social data, so many ways to sift through the digital buzz. I’d love to hear the stories from the front lines—what are the current best practices for direct sales on social? How do they filter through the noise and find what is the most important to them? How are they using social data in creative ways?

And where better to hear from Coca-Cola than Atlanta? I’m very curious about the case study from Doug Busk on Wednesday. Especially after Mad Men featured Coke’s “perfect ad” in its finale—the soda company has a long history of high quality advertising to live up to! I’m definitely going to check out the Coca Cola factory while I’m in town, too, if anyone wants to join…

Finally, Forrester’s Nate Elliott is running a panel on Wednesday called “Why Your Boss Doesn’t Like Social and What You Can Do to Change That.” Thankfully, I don’t have this problem at my company, seeing as we’re in the social media business itself, and we practice what we preach. But we’re here to help companies become more agile and adopt social. What kind of marketer wants to lose out on the immense power of social media marketing?

Atlanta will be keeping me busy! See you there.


Image credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg

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