How We Use Video to Engage and Educate Our Customers.

Did you know it’s possible to communicate 1,800,000 words in just one minute? Welcome to the power of video.

Joe Ryan
September 21, 2016 - 3 min. read

Did you know it’s possible to communicate 1,800,000 words in just one minute?

Sounds too far fetched to be true, right?

But think about it. If we accept the old saying that a “picture’s worth a thousand words”, then perhaps it’s only natural that a video, outputted at 30 frames per second, can manage 1,800,000 in 60 seconds.

Welcome to the power of video.

We’ve already discussed the value that video could bring to your social strategies. With this article, I’d like to introduce you to the Falcon way of using video to educate, engage and excite customers. I’ll also explain why this is such an important tool in creating a more effective communication strategy.

A warm welcome

Falcon is a comprehensive platform. There are lots of great features for social media marketers to discover, which at first may seem a little overwhelming to people unused to this kind of software tool. That’s why we turned to video trainings.

Here’s an example of an introduction to Falcon’s Engage product. It has been tailored to users that focus on providing customer service on social:


The on-demand video above is concise, informative and (hopefully) allows you as a viewer to connect with me as a presenter. I could have just recorded my voice over a screencast. Instead, I chose to humanize the brand by letting users see me and the team. You can tell I like Falcon.

Going above and beyond

The video above gives a good idea of how our Engage product works and how to perform a basic action like replying to a tweet. But what happens if viewers have questions?

While it’s an option to send a question to us with the Falcon in-app chat, wouldn’t you prefer to get your question answered in real-time by the presenter?

Introducing Falcon Live.

While pre-recorded video has its place (we have plenty more tutorial videos designed to help our users in different ways), live streaming and interaction help us take our customers’ experiences to the next level.

Here’s an example of what our users can get from our weekly Falcon Live training sessions, including interactive polls and the opportunity to ask our Customer Success experts questions live:


Around 50% of Falcon’s customer base have registered to join Falcon Live since June. They haven’t been disappointed, giving our trainers an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

They’ve also remained engaged for a whopping average of 56-minutes of the hour-long sessions. It just goes to show that, for all the talk about declining attention spans, people will stay tuned for content that’s compelling, entertaining and useful.

I also think this compelling statistic says a lot about the potential and value of live training videos.

To demonstrate the impact of our approach to live sessions, here’s what our customers have told us so far:

“Really useful – found out about a few new tips and tricks to use on the platform that sound beneficial!”

“Presenters were so friendly, expert – an absolute pleasure to listen to!”

And my favorite…

“Very good and clear facilitation, high-level inputs to get you to understand [the] big picture quickly.”

And one more thing…

We recently updated the Publish section of the Falcon platform to better support our customers who publish video to social. So if you want to make your customer communication more visual and personal, you can now do it even better with Falcon.

Our appreciation of the value of video is obvious in platform options such as the ability to store videos in a content pool and to add video files to campaigns. And now we’re offering even more to our clients:


Lessons learned

So, what can you take away from our success with using video?

Three simple lessons. Be personable. Be concise. Go live!

Now we would like to hear from you. Have you experimented with video and live videos in your marketing strategy? Have you seen any value in using video for interacting with customers? And last but not least, are you considering integrating more and more video into your brand communication? Let us know.

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