Collaborative Content for Social Media Management.

The beauty of a unified social media management platform is that it creates a collaborative environment, and organizes social marketing efforts.

Mary Liebowitz
May 2, 2014 - 1 min. read

Collaboration is vital to SMM – a healthy social presence reflects an organization as a whole–it shows a team that is united in goals, voice, and culture. Where SMM was previously assigned to a siloed marketing department, companies have seen the value of involving departments such as HR, R&D, and Sales as part of a business’ social plan. Today, departments can stretch across the globe, and having a platform that everyone can easily tap into, regardless of location, reinforces messaging and streamlines assignments.

We’ve just released a new Content Pool in the Falcon platform to allow team members to share content more easily across brands, channels, regions, pages, departments, etc. Using the content pool, team members can:

  • Create a stock library and save time and hard drive space when locating images
  • Share the best performers for unified global messaging
  • Get inspiration from others
  • Work together efficiently
  • Unify brand voice

social media content

Because images within the Falcon platform also benefit from the Aviary photo editor, the content pool will always be stocked with beautifully optimized images.

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