Designing Your Perfect Social Content Calendar.

A guide to how Falcon can make your life easier and your content flow more effective.
Chris Sugrue
September 11, 2017 - 6 min. read

It’s a fact: these days you can’t be an effective social media marketer without a social content calendar.

We recently covered the whys of using a content calendar, along with general tips on how to build one. This time we’re focusing on how to do it with Falcon’s unique ensemble of features.

Our Publish social content calendar combines scheduling, editing, previewing, promoting, campaign planning and analytics features. It has been designed from the ground up in order to support both the daily and bigger picture needs of social media marketers – from content creators and community managers to CMOs and analytics experts.

So, what’s on offer?

Here is a breakdown based on Publish’s three core user benefits, namely that you can plan better, post faster and with more effect, and measure and share your success.

Let’s get started.

social content calendarPlan better
Even the most engaging content will fail to hit the mark without the necessary attention to planning. For that reason, Publish lets you do the following:

  • Schedule content across all of your networks
  • Do multimedia posting, including Instagram Stories
  • Visualize and roll-out campaigns
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders
  • Assign tasks and share notes
  • Setup email reminders
  • Add labels for performance tracking

Integrated Campaign Planner
This is where the entire roll-out of a campaign can be visualized for every stakeholder. The planner is where you can pool briefing information, such as task-assignments, assets and images.

The beauty of the Campaign Planner is that the feature’s transparency ensures everyone is on the same page; by using the Approval Flow features you can guarantee quality and avoid those rogue misfires we all guiltily enjoy reading about.

And with visuals, copy and tags collected in one campaign plan, posting becomes lightning fast.

Here’s a preview of how intuitive it is:

The Campaign Planner lets you map out the entire roll-out in the editorial calendar.

#Tip: Social media is not an island, which is why you should add any other relevant company initiatives or events to the Campaign Planner so that they can all support one another.

social content calendar  Post faster and with more effect
Publish’s Editorial Calendar is where you can build posts from scratch or repurpose previously published ones.

Just click on ‘Create Post’ and select your channel. From Falcon, you can post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr.

You can then add your text, video and images. Use the feed or geo-targeting options to target a demographic segment. You can see more on geo-targeting here.

You can also preview how your posts will appear natively – which is great for sparing you from unwanted surprises once that post goes live.

social content calendar

Falcon’s Editorial Calendar makes publishing across networks more visual and intuitive.

Social advertising
Publish gives you the features of Power Editor without having to leave the platform. Aside from the convenience and time-saving, this also means you can see and compare your paid and organic efforts in a single interface. Here’s an overview of what is possible:

  • Create ad sets without leaving Falcon
  • Promote Instagram Stories and Facebook Carousels
  • Maintain an overview over all promoted posts
  • Collaborate with teams and markets
  • Ensure proper approval and budget control
  • Target high-value audience segments

Creating an ad set comes down to a matter of a few clicks. Just click ‘Create New Ad Set’. From there you can configure campaign objectives, targeting parameters, placement, budget and timing in a few easy steps.

Note, you can also do Instagram Stories Publishing. Stories, like the Facebook Carousel format that is also available in Publish, gives you a lot more room to convey your message complete with links and calls-to-action.

Many of our customers run their social advertising through external agencies. With Publish, these external stakeholders can be given access and approval rights so the entire process can be more smoothly handled.

Content Pool
This is where you can store all your published content, as well as unpublished stock items including photos, links and text in a shared content library.

It’s easy to filter by network, type, labels etc. and it allows you to quickly find and repurpose successful content. And when you have individuals and teams in dispersed departments and locations, it’s invaluable for ensuring brand consistency.

social content calendar

The Content Pool is where the entire organization can store images and other assets for reuse or repurposing.

API integration
For the 54% of larger companies that now rely on marketing technology stacks, Falcon’s open Application Program Interface (API) allows you to integrate with Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms. Again, this is the benefit of bringing departments and markets together – with shared resources contained in an easily manageable and transparent repository.

The open API also means you don’t need to ditch or reinvent your existing martech architecture to make Falcon a key component.

Approval flows and user roles
The governance features aren’t there to cramp your creative style. These are how medium- to enterprise-sized companies can prevent everything from inconsistency hiccups to brand nightmares – after all, either type of gaffe could be worthy of being featured on Social Media Today.

User roles ensure everyone knows what’s expected of them, and only particular roles such as the Administrator are authorized to press that ‘publish’ button.

So be sure to use our Approval Flows and other governance features to full effect. It will payoff in superior content quality, tighter workflows and fewer sleepless nights.

#Tip: Don’t forget the mobile view! With mobile screens now being where 65% of digital interactions occur, it’s vital to always check how your post will look in a mobile format. Publish lets you do that in the preview phase with just the touch of a button.

Measure and share success 
All your content efforts can be undone by false assumptions or straight-up misfires. The solution? Data-driven marketing, another area where Falcon helps you excel.

In Publish you can lay the groundwork for killer insights right from the beginning. By adding labels you can also track and report on your individual post or general campaign metrics.

Once your posts are published, you can go into ‘Content Performance’ and delve into:

  • Interactions
    The number of interactions, which can be broken down further into comments, likes and shares.
  • Consumption
    The number of clicks, including by link or image/video click.
  • Feedback
    The negative stuff – including hiding the post or your profile, spam-reporting and unliking.

Includes Instagram measuring
As well as allowing Instagram publishing, Falcon is one of only a handful of platforms that can access Instagram metrics. That allows you to visualize, plan and measure entire Instagram campaigns without leaving the platform.

social content calendar

Falcon is one of very few platforms that supports Instagram measuring.

URL Shortening
The URL Shortener lets you get rid of unsightly long URLs, as well as define tracking parameters compatible with Google Analytics. Once you define these, they will be automatically added.

Go to Measure for Quick Reports
One of a social media marketer’s biggest frustrations is the supposed inability to showcase and prove the worth of our efforts to the c-suite.

Falcon Measure is all about overcoming that pain point while arming your team with the best insights to inform or adjust your campaigns. Quick Reports are a simple way to create a succinct report on a particular campaign’s performance – that’s where the labeling mentioned earlier comes into play. You can also set channels and the date range.

#Tip: Don’t let people tell you organic is dead. Your organic posts are an invaluable way to test campaigns and hypotheses before putting spend behind them.

To really nail it, know your Audience
Personalization is the key to modern marketing of any stripe, and that is especially true with social media. That is why Falcon is a unified platform, allowing you to collect and analyze the behavioral insights that will let you perform truly data-driven marketing.

Listen and Audience are how you can discover audience trends and audience behavior. Before you start publishing, take the time to know your audience. Every insight will help maximize your time and ROI.

Explore Publish for yourself
We’re clearly very proud of our platform’s Publishing features and how they integrate with the rest of the platform. Every aspect of our platform is designed to be intuitive, time-saving and applicable to real, everyday social media marketing challenges. So we encourage you to explore Publish and embrace the possibilities.

There is so much available to help you maximize your productivity, as well as to take care of the fussy little things so that you can concentrate on the things you love.

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