Monthly Social Media Calendar: February 2019 Edition.

Smooches, touchdowns, masks, a pig, a web traffic summit, déjà vu...this February is offering up a veritable content cornucopia. Download our free social media calendar and start planning for it.
Chris Sugrue
January 25, 2019 - 2 min. read

It’s fair to say that February is the month where the Northern Hemisphere snaps itself out of mid-winter snooze mode.

With good reason, too—this month dishes up something for everyone. 

A little love, a little culture, and a giant Super Bowl. Who will be this year’s top dogs, the Los Angeles Rams or the New England Patriots? 

super bowl february 2019 social media holiday calendar

Perhaps more relevant to content creators is the question of who will win Super Bowl Sunday’s second-biggest competition, the year’s hottest ad. Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Colgate and Pepsi are just a few of the brand heavy-hitters vying for the title this year. 

You can see some of the ad fixtures here. Perhaps most enigmatic of all is this teaser that beloved character “The Dude” of  The Big Lebowski will be promoting…something.

On a more global note, Valentine’s Day, everyone’s favorite annual dose of commercialized love, is on Feb 14 so make a note now and impress your significant other.

february social media holiday calendar
The month also treats us to a few very different forms of cultural events.

Hollywood gives us the 61st Grammy Awards on Feb 10, while Venice arguably goes a little more highbrow with its carnival starting on Feb 16. First celebrated in 1162, Carnevale Di Venezia, hosts up to three million people.

february social media holiday calendar 2019

But before either, people around the world will welcome in The Year of the Pig in Chinese New Year’s celebrations on Feb 5.

february social media calendar chinese new year
Plus a fun one on February 2 that’s more than just a Bill Murray movie.

february 2019 social media holiday calendar groundhog day

A key annual event for any marketer is the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego on Feb 25 to 27. Humanity rounds off the month by once more reaching for the stars as NASA’s Expedition 59 blasts off for the International Space Station on Feb 28.

This is only a sample of what February has on offer to whet your content creativity. Download the free calendar below for the rest of the dates you need to know.

february social media holiday calendar 2019