Monthly Social Media Calendar: Get Ready for October.

Here's your monthly social media calendar to help you plan your October posting.
Chris Sugrue
September 21, 2017 - 1 min. read

As the leaves begin to fall this October, there is a lot you can plan your monthly social media calendar around.

We kick off the month with Child Health Day on the 2nd, followed up closely by a couple of feelgood days: Do Something Nice Day on the 5th and World Smile Day on the 6th (or 7th depending on who you ask).

We get a Friday a Thirteenth and, for your sports buffs, the World Ironman Championship Triathlon is being held in Hawaii on the 14th.

The Hindu Diwali festival runs from the 18th to the 22nd, and yet another do-good date is  The Sweetest Day on the 21st.

And it all leads up to one of everyone’s favorite annual fixtures:

monthly social media calendar

Oh yes… content gold.

So take a sip of your pumpkin spice latte, download the free calendar below and start planning now. And for a touch of inspiration, here are some tips for designing your perfect social media calendar.

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