Monthly Social Media Calendar: September 2018 Edition.

Key events and hashtags to know.
Maxwell Gollin
August 24, 2018 - 2 min. read

If you publish content regularly or manage your organization’s social media presence, you probably keep up with the top trends and events people are talking about on social. And you also probably know that timeliness, relevance, and keeping up with the latest hashtags is kind of a big deal.

That’s why we’re back again with a fresh list of holidays, hashtags and events marketers need to know in our September 2018 social media calendar.

September may not have a lot of regular holidays, but it’s a pretty big time for digital and social media marketers. Two major conferences happen to fall in the first half of September—Content Marketing World from September 4-7 and DMEXCO from September 12-13. We’ll be at both—so come stop by our booths and say hi!

There are a number of serious days of reflection and remembrance in September that you should be aware of as well. For example, Labor Day in the US falls on September 3 this year, so keep in mind that most of America will be out of the office that day.

Another more somber day in September is the National Day of Service and Remembrance on September 11, when people around the world do acts of charity to remember those lost and injured in the 2001 terror attacks.

There is also Stand Up to Cancer Day on September 14, dedicated to raising awareness and supporting funding for the fight against cancer. Both of these days are moving and inspiring, but it would be wise to avoid using them for marketing purposes.

On the goofier side, Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on September 19…matey.

And as Earth, Wind & Fire once sang, remember the 21st night of September? Not only does it mark the official end of summer, but it’s also International #PeaceDay. Make sure to buy your olive branches and doves in advance.

It’s the perfect time of year for fashionistas. New York Fashion Week runs from September 7-14, followed up by Paris Fashion Week from the 25th—any fashion or design brands should pay attention and hop on the hype train, even though a few of the outfits are likely to be…questionable.

Finally, International Podcast Day is on September 30, the perfect time for your brand to start a podcast, be interviewed for one, or simply recommend some of your favorites.

Whew, is that all of them? Actually, no.

You’ll be surprised at how many other significant holidays and hashtags our September 2018 social media calendar includes. So get your free download by clicking the image below and saving the calendar that pops up. Happy posting!

social media calendar september 2018