Social Media Infographic: 2018 Trends Snapshot.

Take a closer look at the numbers behind today’s major social media networks.
TJ Kiely
January 5, 2018 - 2 min. read

Whew! Keeping up with the rapid pace of change within the social media landscape can be exhausting at times.

With the major social media networks constantly announcing new product releases and updates, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have kept all of us social media managers on our toes this year.

Given the number of announcements and updates, it has become easier than ever to get lost in an endless stream of feature releases. However, when we devote too much time to chasing a trending hashtag, or learning about Facebook’s latest advertising features, gaining a clear understanding of where social media is headed becomes almost impossible.

But, by taking a step back, and waiting a moment before opening that seemingly urgent push notification, it is possible to reflect on the amount of innovation happening within the social media space in order to gain a clear overview.

To help you determine how the social media landscape is changing and what developments you can expect in 2018, we’ve prepared this social media infographic. The infographic highlights social media’s growing dominance in today’s digital world and the market share of each of the major social media networks—as well as some key social media statistics.


Social media infographic outlining the growth of social media channels worldwide.

As we transition into 2018, it is reasonable to expect social media to play a greater role in our daily lives next year. And with another 160 million social media users expected to come online in the coming year, this is true worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more about how your business can make the most of the latest social media trends, download our 2018 Digital Marketing Trends handbook. The free handbook will help you learn about the future of social media marketing and how this may affect your business.