18 Reasons Companies Choose Falcon.io for Social Media Management.

Choosing the best social media management platform for your business can be a challenge, here is why people choose (and love) ours.
Chris Sugrue
Chris Sugrue
March 24, 2020 - 12 min. read

Social media marketers today are spoiled for choice when it comes to software.

Too spoiled.

Just take a look at the latest Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic.

Got a headache yet?

In fact, the sheer volume of available SaaS tools only adds to the challenges of crowded feeds, ever-changing algorithms, and increasingly indifferent audiences.

The Falcon platform is how social media marketers can overcome all of these challenges. Not least because we integrate all the core social media tools that brands need in one unified dashboard.

This has earned us a diverse, global and fantastic customer base. Generous too: thanks to them we continue to earn Leader or High Performer ratings in multiple categories on G2 Crowd, the leading peer-to-peer business solutions review site.

“Falcon.io makes Social Media Management… Manageable!”

See the full G2 Crowd review here.


So, what is it that our customers appreciate about Falcon.io and our social media platform? Here are 18 features and characteristics that make Falcon.io one of the best social media management tools available.

  1. It’s easy to get started
  2. Single dashboard
  3. Simple publishing
  4. Support and services
  5. Private messaging support
  6. Community management
  7. Intuitive interface
  8. Facebook & Instagram advertising
  9. Campaign management
  10. Agency collaboration 
  11. Social media listening
  12. Audience profiles
  13. Advanced analytics
  14. Label management
  15. Approval flows
  16. Reporting
  17. Open API 
  18. Competitor Benchmarking

1. It’s easy to get started

social media platform
Unlike many other comparable social media management tools, Falcon is a plug-and-play platform. Others may take up to several months to implement.

The benefit here is uptake—no platform is going to be successful if employees are slow to adopt it. That is why we provide a fully-tailored onboarding service. Our goal is to ensure everyone on your team is comfortable with the platform and aware of its potential.

And that’s just the beginning of the support on offer—see point 4.

2. Single dashboard—so you can drop the dozen logins

You no longer need a bunch of tabs open to run your social media marketing campaigns. 

We call Falcon ‘unified’ because it integrates the full spectrum of social media management tools in one suite. A single login gets you social listening, engagement, publishing, analytics and audience data management capabilities.

Aside from convenience, the beauty of Falcon is the seamless interaction between these diverse tools. For example, when you interact with someone in your Engage inbox, a personalized profile card is generated for them in the Audience section. That card will pop up in Engage with every new interaction and will be refreshed each time. 

All that customer data can then be analyzed and used to guide your campaigns in Publish.

Falcon also features a variety of governance, note-sharing and notification tools that remove the need for endless emails and unwieldy excel sheets.

“Falcon is a great central hub to monitor and activate all our accounts. We can easily plan, publish and keep tracks of our activities while having a coherent presence.”

See the full G2 Crowd review here.


3. It makes publishing across channels & markets so much simpler

what's the best social media management tools 2019

The Publish Editorial Calendar in Falcon

The founding purpose of Falcon.io was to help brands regain control in the increasingly complicated world of social media marketing. The Publish content calendar exemplifies this. It is from here that a company can manage its Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter publishing.

Notably, we were the first platform of our kind to introduce direct Instagram publishing. And we are one of only a few vendors to support Instagram Stories.

  • Bonus: The Content Pool
    The Content Pool is a digital library where published content is automatically stored. You can also add stock items such as images, copy and video. These can be shared between teams and networks and easily repurposed—saving a lot of time and ensuring brand consistency.

“Falcon’s Publish tool has enabled us to publish content from both a global calendar and a local calendar with an easy view of all content published and scheduled across all our channels.”

See the full G2 Crowd review here.


See how Carlsberg consolidated 106 social media channels in 49 countries using Falcon.

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4. Us—as in our support and services

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet…normally…however, we do pride ourselves on delivering stellar customer support and services

This begins with onboarding and continues with tailored advisory services from a dedicated account team. Services include on-site training and 24/7 support, including in-app webchat. 

which social media platform 2019

But that’s enough from us. Take it from our customers:

“From the product to the customer service—they have been amazing! The team at Falcon is truly 2nd to none—they are personable, prompt and willing to lend a hand when you need it.”

See the full G2 Crowd review here.


5. Private messaging support—because it’s the channel you need to be on

On the topic of customer service, every company needs to be onboard with private messaging apps in 2019. It’s simply where your customers are expecting to talk to you.

Earlier this year we became one of the first platforms to support WhatsApp—the world’s most popular private messaging app with a user base of 1.5 billion, including three million companies. Messaging apps accelerate customer service and increase satisfaction, plus security is assured with end-to-end encryption.

With Falcon, you can manage your private messaging channels alongside your other channels in the Engage inbox—with all the time-saving labels and templates that come with it.

Check out more about our private messaging support here, or click on the image below to see our on-demand webinar.

6. Community management—finally tame your social media inbox

It. Never. Stops. All those incoming comments, questions and other interactions from customers, prospects, detractors, fans and trolls.

How can social media managers stay on top of it all?

choose a social media tool

Here’s how.

Engage gathers all your social messages in one customizable and filterable inbox. You can organize your feeds any way you choose. Sorting by network is an obvious one, but you can get a lot more specific—for example, you can create filters that include or exclude certain keywords.

Every element of Engage is designed to save time and speed up turnaround. Notably, you can create custom response templates for common queries. It is also easy to route messages to team members and share notes. 

All in all, Engage is geared to allow social media teams to achieve the kind of real-time, 1:1 engagement your audience expects.

7. It’s just pretty

best social media management tools 2019
That may sound a little flippant. But customer feedback tells us that the user experience is the door to efficiency.

Our clean aesthetics aren’t just a testament to our Scandinavian origins. We’ve found the smooth user interface makes the platform more intuitive and therefore easier to use. Social media is complex; dealing with it daily doesn’t need to be.

By ensuring the user experience is a pleasurably simple one, Falcon speeds up daily workflows and encourages confidence in its users.

“Great user-friendly experience. Very easy to use, everything is laid out clearly and you know exactly what each tab does.”

See the full G2 Crowd review here.


8. Facebook & Instagram advertising

which social media tool is best?

No more logging in and out of the native networks: now you can manage your Facebook and Instagram ads without leaving Falcon.

That includes the ability to create ad sets, as well as define budgets, schedules and objectives. The basic advantage here is being able to oversee your ad campaigns in the same place as your organic posts. And, as you can also track your ads’ performance in Falcon, it means you have greater control over your advertising strategy.

9. Posting is just the beginning—roll out complete campaigns

best social media management tools 2019

Now, this is what teamwork looks like.

The highly popular Campaign Planner is where marketing teams can roll out campaigns across multiple channels and markets. Briefs and stock items such as images, video and copy can be added for everyone to use. Automatic email reminders ensure you don’t miss deadlines.

What this all adds up to is an elevation of your social media strategy. With everything mapped out in a shared calendar, diverse teams based around the globe can align their efforts and share resources.

See how Highgate Hotels use Publish to align and inspire their teams across the US.

10. Agencies—manage multiple customers with ease

It can be enough of a struggle managing your own company channels, yet agencies must contend with managing their customers’ accounts too.

Falcon’s ensemble of features helps agencies overcome the same challenges other brands face, only in their case multiplied and with external stakeholders thrown in. Aside from the publishing and engagement advantages touched on elsewhere in this list, it’s the seamless workflow that makes life a lot easier for people managing customer channels.

You can switch between accounts with a click, and provide detailed reports to demonstrate what those billed hours have achieved. But, arguably, the single most handy Falcon feature for agencies is the ability to give access to Publish to external stakeholders—with the appropriate level of authorization, of course. This keeps you fully covered on the transparency and authorization front—and it works both ways for companies wanting to give an agency access.

It’s no wonder Falcon is the social media tool of choice for such household agency names as Wunderman, Mediacom, and Ogilvy. 

Know the struggle of client-agency collaboration? Check out our case stories with Wunderman, Cubaka and Zoom, or click on the image below to see our on-demand webinar. 


11. Social Media Listening—keep your finger on the pulse

It’s a maelstrom of information out there. Social media listening is how you make sense of it.

Listen is a social media monitoring tool that lets you trawl millions of online sources for insights. You can track keywords, hashtags, and names—then see the results broken down by demographics and sentiment. Listen’s advanced parameters allow you to narrow the search down with variables such as word combinations and exclusions.

Email notifications are an option that will alert you to unusual activity that may need your attention.

social media management platform

Social listening is a must for any brand in 2019. It enables you to keep track of trends and surface news and insights. Not least, you can keep a tab on how your brand is being spoken about on social media, potentially catching any gripes before they escalate into a crisis.

  • Bonus: The Influencers Tab
    The Influencers Tab lists the top influencers associated with your search term or hashtag. Currently available for Twitter, news and blog sites, it bases its ranking on the number of followers and the domain rank score (i.e. how different pages link to each other).

See how marketing agency We Are Unicorns uses Listen to track trends and hashtags while engaging with fans and influencers.

12. Audience Profiles—know your customer

Consumers today expect a personalized, seamless experience on whichever channel they interact with you on. Audience is how you can give them that.

The moment an individual interacts with you on social media, a profile card is created for them in Audience. You can also create profiles from people identified in Listen, or upload CSV lists of potential contacts.

Every new interaction after that is automatically logged as well. The card can be further enriched with CRM integrations and labels.

social media posting

Audience automatically enriches profiles with fresh social interactions.

What this gives you is a 360° view of your customers and prospects at an individual and an aggregated level—which you can make accessible to all your customer-facing employees.  So when dealing with customers, you will always know your history together.

Even better, every time a message comes into Engage, the accompanying profile card pops up beside it.

But that’s not all.

You can use your Audience profile base to identify targeting opportunities. You have the option to create custom and lookalike audiences that will sync with Facebook Ads Manager based on your Audience profiles. Or you can import Twitter handles captured in Listen. 

See how international retailer Flying Tiger Copenhagen used Audience to boost their social media engagement.

All of the above is part of why Audience won a Facebook Innovation Spotlight Award for Personalized Marketing at Scale.

13. Advanced analytics—stop flying blind

social media marketing

If your social media marketing isn’t data-driven, you are probably veering in the wrong direction.

Measure offers a wide variety of social media analytics, with 100+ channel- and post-level metrics available for Facebook and Instagram.

We were the first to market with advanced Instagram analytics, which alongside our Facebook offerings means you can measure your impact on those two networks in detail. Best of all, that includes Instagram Stories.

Your time and budget are precious. Measure will help you invest them properly.

14. Label Management—keep track the simple way

best social media management tools 2018

You will be amazed at what a difference a label can make.

is available in Publish and Engage. It sounds simple—and it is—but adding labels to posts, campaigns, stock items or customer profiles hugely enhances your workflows and strategic capabilities.

On a practical level, it lets you find your content easily through filtering. On a strategic level, you can use labels for analytics and reporting. And don’t worry, they can’t be seen externally.

15. Approval Flows—how you avoid going viral for the wrong reason

Stay on-brand, on-message and out of trouble.

The Approval Flow and note-sharing features make collaboration between individuals and teams simple and failsafe. Everyone using Falcon is assigned a role. These range from a Moderator with limited authorization up to an Administrator with full access and publishing authority.

best social media management tools 2018This keeps posts on-brand and up to your quality standards. Every action is also logged for auditing purposes. It’s especially handy when you have multiple social teams and markets or work with an agency.

“I absolutely love the approval process. I also love visualizing the days, weeks, and months ahead and know exactly what I have planned, where the gaps are, and make sure I have all my posts scheduled where I need them.”

See the full G2 Crowd review here.


16. Reporting—showcase your ROI

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Bring order to your analytics. Our reporting capabilities make all that social media data you’re generating accessible in easy-to-create reports. It’s no surprise that this is a hugely popular feature, as it allows social media marketers to visualize their efforts and showcase them to management.

Templates and cloning make this a quick and simple exercise. You can also schedule automatic email sharing and display your data on external dashboards through the open API.

And, unlike many other platforms, there is no cap on the number of reports you can create.

“Falcon makes it easy to draft, send for approval, and copy approved posts to other networks. My manager likes the measure reports to see how our content is performing.”

See the full G2 Crowd review here.


17. Open API—seamless integration with your other tools

social media management tools 2019

Falcon integrates with a variety of CRM, DAM, helpdesk and dashboard tools.

Recognizing that larger companies need to employ a range of MarTech tools, we’ve opened our Application Program Interface (API) to allow you to plug Falcon into your stack with relative ease. Currently, Falcon supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM), helpdesk, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and dashboard integrations.

If you work for one the 54% of larger companies now employing MarTech stacks, this makes Falcon a future-proof addition. No matter how your company changes or grows, the Falcon platform will smoothly integrate with your SaaS ecosystem.

18. Competitor Benchmarking – to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to!

Unmetric platform overview

Falcon’s latest addition to its comprehensive suite of social media management tools is Benchmark.

Alright, so Benchmark lets you access competitive insights in real-time from more than 100,000 brands. That includes seven years of public, historical data on activity on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

What’s even cooler is that this feature allows you to mine social brand activity for outstanding content in terms of likes, comments, shares, and more. You can also set alerts, so you never miss an off-the-charts or irregular brand engagement.

Plus, you’re better positioned to improve your content strategy and overall engagement because you can clearly see what’s working and what’s not. Filter brand’s organic and paid content by engagement and you’ll be able to pinpoint what’s resonating with social media users right now.

What are you looking for in a social media management tool?

As mentioned at the beginning, we’re not the only social media management platform out there.

But we’re on a mission to be the best.

Finding the right platform for your business can be an intimidating process. So, to help you, we have compiled The Buyer’s Guide: How to Select a Social Media Management Tool. It lists all the key things you need to consider to make the right purchasing decision.