The Best Social Media Marketing Platforms for 2018.

Which social media platforms do pro marketers recommend? Here are some of our favorites.
Ben Siegel
May 11, 2018 - 4 min. read

In 2018, it takes a lot to be a social media professional.

We know how busy you are. You’ve got to get content out there, interact with the people engaging with your content, find the people engaging indirectly with your brand, find and activate new audiences, report to your boss or your clients…and so much more.

Well, we’ve got news for you: as we move deeper into 2018, it ain’t getting any easier.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult!

There are tools out there that can help you with each of your daily tasks, monthly KPIs, and biggest pains. Here are some of the best social media marketing platforms that we love in 2018…

Conversocial—for community management & customer service

best social media marketing platforms 2018

What is it?
Conversocial helps turn social interactions into actionable and meaningful customer conversations, relationships, and solutions. It will help increase the quality of your communication across digital touchpoints and streamline your processes around customer service and engagement.

Pro – Solves your social customer service needs.

Con – Conversocial doesn’t allow you to publish posts, making it most effective when paired with a content and publishing tool.

Good for – Brands who have an active customer service presence on social (such as companies in retail and service).

Brandwatch—for social media listening
best social media marketing platforms 2018

What is it?
Brandwatch is a high-powered social listening tool for monitoring brand and competitor chatter, identifying influencers, tracking event conversations, getting ahead of social media crises, and better understanding your audience.

Pro –
Brandwatch analytics provide some of the best data and insights in the industry.

Con – You’ll have to look elsewhere for capabilities outside of listening.

Good for – Larger brands looking to step up their social media listening game.

SimplyMeasured—for reporting

best social media marketing platforms 2018

What is it?
SimplyMeasured offers social media analytics and reporting from every angle. Listen to social conversations, analyze social performance, track content sharing, and measure conversions. SimplyMeasured’s full-funnel social analytics tool helps you better create, connect, and convert across your social efforts.

Pro – There are reports and data for every kind of digital marketer, with a vast number of ways to gather insights.

Con – While its measuring and analytics capabilities are strong, the other use cases for a social media manager such as publishing and community management aren’t covered.

Good for – Someone looking to get deeper insights and generate customizable reports about their social channels.

Wyng—for social media engagement

best social media marketing platforms 2018

What is it?
Wyng is a tool that allows digital marketers to easily create and launch social media campaigns and digital experiences for their brand. It can launch anything from a simple sign-up campaign to a personality quiz, a voting poll or a user generated content gallery. These campaigns can be spread across your social channels, your website, or any external landing pages you might have.

Pro – Tons of different campaign options, all designed to optimize for specific KPIs.

Con – If you’re not looking to run campaigns like these, then Wyng may not be for you.

Good for – Brands who are looking to take their engagement efforts to the next level and combine their content strategy with contests, sweepstakes, and engagement experiences.

Buffer—for social media publishing

best social media marketing platforms 2018

What is it?
Buffer is a straightforward way to plan and schedule posts and manage your content strategy across social channels. Features such as a web browser extension and RSS feed publishing make your life easier.

Pro – Free option and affordable pricing.

Con – Lack of product breadth leaves you limited to just publishing and content analytics.

Good for –
Social media managers who need an affordable way to get their content in order.—for doing it all

best social media marketing platforms 2018
What is it?
The Falcon platform combines social media listening, publishing, advertising, engagement, customer profile management and analytics in one intuitive dashboard. The advantage of the unified platform is enhanced by teamwork- and governance-enabling features such as note-sharing and approval flows.

Pro – One platform covers multiple bases.

Con – Doesn’t support Pinterest or Snapchat.

Good for – Midsize to enterprise organizations with multiple social media teams and markets. See how Falcon is rated by its customers on G2 Crowd.

best social media marketing platforms 2018

Making your decision easier

These are just a few of the social media marketing and management options available to companies.

All have their strengths and are sure to suit the organizational setup and social media maturity of some companies better than others.

That’s why we’ve compiled this handbook: How to Select the Right Social Media Management Tool.

We’ve broken down the buying process into three simple steps that will assist you in your search for the tool that’s best for you.

Each step in the process will help you gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s specific needs when it comes to managing your social media accounts.

The handbook will also increase your knowledge of the functions built into today’s top social media management platforms.

We hope it helps you avoid frustration while looking for the perfect tool for your brand.

We also recommend you check out this similar list: The 10 Best Social Media Management Tools for Companies.

The SMM Tool Buyer's Guide.

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