Design Integrity Versus Frankensuites.

As a Dane, I know cool design should look great, but also be practical. At, we live by this philosophy and are focused on delivering a seamless, visual user experience, where all features work together.
Ulrik Bo Larsen
Ulrik Bo Larsen
February 19, 2014 - 2 min. read

As a Dane, I know cool design should look great but also be practical. At, we live by this philosophy and are focused on delivering a seamless, visual user experience, where all features work together.

Social media is changing at breakneck speed with new social networking sites and functionality emerging daily. To stay on top of the latest trends we’re investing heavily in research and development to continuously improve our product.


Acquisition activity is rife in the social media platform marketplace as providers race to add new features to their portfolios. Most recently, Hootsuite acquired uberVU, and there’s speculation about further consolidation. However, successfully bringing together software designed by different companies into a single enterprise platform is a huge challenge, and takes significant investment and time.

This is why remains focused on organic growth. We believe the market is evolving too quickly to wait for development teams to resolve their differences, and prefer to develop our own functionality.


Weather aside, being based in Copenhagen has its perks when it comes to international recruitment. In 18 months, we’ve grown from a handful of people to more than 100, including 30 nationalities. In the Danish spirit of egalitarianism, we have a flat hierarchy. We attract the best in the business because of our open culture and strong company values.

From the start we’ve offered a complete, unified platform with a suite of functionality that’s easy to use, and covers all enterprise social media requirements. The Falcon platform includes publishing, moderation, analytics and listening functionality that can be used seamlessly within an organization.


Many social platforms are now claiming to be unified, and are trying to compete with us. However, in reality, these platforms offer a patchwork of technologies from merged companies. Enterprises should be wary of marketing claims about newly integrated features – Frankensuite software can seriously hamper product and service delivery.

When evaluating a social media platform, enterprises should ensure that user interfaces and data entry rules are consistent, social teams can use the whole product, and all major social networks are available throughout the platform. If your provider is acquired, changes to the platform and pricing models are likely – so don’t pick single function tools that are destined to be part of someone else’s suite.


We won’t be distracted by those frantically buying functionality, as developing a mash-up product through acquisition usually results in a Frankensuite, devoid of any design integrity and coherent workflows.

By focusing on organic growth and user experience, has already become the leading unified social media management platform in Europe. We are taking the US by storm, and winning major global brands across a wide range of geographies. We’re in a strong position for global distribution, and are speeding up our expansion plans through our own efforts.

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