The Evolution of the Social Media Manager.

Social media managers - is your role evolving at the same pace as your customers’ needs and expectations?

Aika Zikibayeva
July 12, 2016 - 1 min. read

In the early years of social media marketing, a time without algorithms and little customer power the role of the social media manager was limited to creating profiles and pushing out posts on the most popular social networks, trying to get users’ attention. Few companies had embraced social media at that point, so the chances that your posts would be seen by the right eyes were high. Customers would receive a mix of private and business posts in their feed – and they had to accept it.

Fast forward to today – customers are in control, and they demand attention at all touchpoints in the customer journey. The competition has now shifted from product and pricing to the experience that brands offer. Loyalty is a fickle friend, and the social media manager role has gained a new dimension: delivering a cohesive customer experience across all social micro-moments.

As social media gains more importance in the marketing department, and technology advances, the social media manager’s role will continue to evolve. Where do you stand in this journey?

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