Giving Organizations a Fast Operational Response.

To seize social media’s full potential, organizations must transform how they plan and execute marketing campaigns.
Ronja Gustavsson
Ronja Gustavsson
September 18, 2013 - 2 min. read

Social media offers enormous potential to address customers directly and drive business, but can damage a brand when not properly managed. Due to the interactive and real-time nature of social media, it is vital that content is delivered at exactly the right time, and that consumers’ responses are appropriately handled. Content has to be turned around daily, if not hourly, for consumers in different locations and time zones.

This is a radical change for enterprises as marketing departments traditionally plan campaigns months in advance. Language barriers and local market idiosyncrasies add to the challenge. Marketing teams must coordinate efforts to  ensure social media activity is monitored around the clock, and that responses are sent by the appropriate team.

Falcon Social’s social media marketing platform enables organizations to create, manage and measure the performance of social media campaigns from a single, centralized, SaaS platform. With a superior visualization-based user experience (UX), organizations can quickly and easily plan when to launch content and check campaign performance.

The platform also meets specific teams’ requirements with tools to tag activity and carry out reporting for different departmental needs.

For example: Enterprises need to manage outbound content from different departments, and direct consumer comments through the relevant teams. Social media is cross-functional, and each department has their own objectives – marketing teams want to ensure the best brand experience, sales teams want to push offers, and customer service teams are focused on keeping customers happy.

With many different departments utilizing all the same channels, it is important that controls are in place to make sure efforts are coordinated. You don’t want to bombard consumers with content too frequently, or with mixed messages from multiple business areas.

Falcon provides a complete view of campaigns and the conversations happening across all social media channels. Organizations can see who is doing what, and where and how consumers are engaging. Businesses can optimize positive content, and respond to customer feedback effectively, in a timely and consistent manner.

To execute social marketing programs efficiently and to remove the complexity of this global phenomenon, organizations need systems that deliver a fast operational response. Without a fully integrated and scalable platform such as Falcon’s, businesses will struggle to manage social media and could miss out on the huge opportunities provided.

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