How to Net Top Talent With
Social Recruiting.

How can you attract star employees to your company using social media? 
Caitlin Brennan
March 31, 2017 - 6 min. read

Your company’s next star employee is out there and waiting to be found through social media recruiting. Your next sales champion, the coding whiz who saves the day, even your office’s future karaoke contest winner – all out there on the internet waiting to be noticed. If your online recruiting is designed mostly to limit the number of resumes a human has to see, that great employee may get lost in the hoop-jumping and keyword-based systems used by many companies.

Though the resume deluge that follows any job listing may seem like more than enough to work with, the best employees are often sought out, not winnowed down. Social recruiting is your best tool for attracting the talent you need.

Encourage your employees to share
Employees advocating for their workplace benefits employees and employers. Employees can increase reach, traffic, brand awareness, and engagement by sharing content through company channels. Employers get to select the content that projects the image that best suits the company’s aspirations.

It’s no secret that people trust recommendations from people and that word-of-mouth marketing helps humanize the brand and bring more credibility.

LinkedIn conducted research on the power of employees’ voices on social. The results show that content shared by employees garners more engagement than content shared by companies. In fact, employee posts received twice the CTR compared to company posts of the same content. 

When several positions opened here at, employees were encouraged to share the listings on their personal social media pages.’s Customer Experience Manager Dino Kuckovic published a jubilant article on LinkedIn detailing the culture and his excitement regarding the openings on his growing team with specific examples of office activities. 

He concluded, “If this is how we have fun, can you imagine how well we work together?” 

Dino’s article is a testament to how much he enjoys his job and coworkers. It’s genuine and personal. 

“A first person testimonial is far more powerful than a generic trio of business looking people staring into an urban vista. “

LinkedIn: your social media source for recruiting
In conjunction with encouraging employee advocacy to recruit employees organically, LinkedIn job postings are another option for recruitment. The site reigns as one of the top social networking sites in terms of active users, according to Statista. Those users aren’t there for the cat memes either – LinkedIn is for work-minded people. LinkedIn offers a range of options to attract candidates.

What it costs
If you’re looking for professional people doing professional things professionally, LinkedIn is the place to be. But getting those professionals to see your content may cost you.

The cost of placing a job posting is determined by title and geographic location. There are pricing options for a single 30-day postings and discounts for buying packs of job credits, which can be purchased in packs of five or ten.

Here are the pricing options for a hypothetical 30-day job posting seeking a Social Media Manager at the Mid-Senior level in New York, New York. 

Here’s the pricing breakdown for the same position in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Job posting vs. Job slots
A 30-day job posting is often referred to as a ‘post-and-pray.’ If you don’t land a good employee in a month, it’s money down the drain. LinkedIn offers another option for companies that have more flexibility. Job slots according to LinkedIn, “are basically recurring Job Posts, you get the flexibility you need to fill roles as they open up.”

This option is appealing to companies that don’t have an immediate staffing need and to candidates passively searching for a position. According to Linkedin’s Global Talent Trends, 2015 report, 70% of the world’s workforce is ‘passive’ talent, or people who would change jobs but are not currently perusing listings.

Job Slots are purchased annually and offer the opportunity to update a listing and keep it open for over 30 days. They also can be purchased as a lower price than job postings.

What if I don’t want to pay?
While LinkedIn job postings offer targeting and tracking, it does come at a cost. If you’re strapped for cash, you can publish and share a standard post in the relevant LinkedIn Group and within your personal network. You may even find that the personal connections and recommendations provide a higher-quality applicant base.

Use social to showcase your company culture
Here at we use Instagram to highlight company happenings and our culture. Anyone interested in becoming a Falconeer can checkout our page and get an insider view into the company. Business Instagram pages provide an opportunity to showcase your company’s fun side.

Another opportunity to offer a bird’s eye view of your company is with LinkedIn’s Next Gen Career Pages. LinkedIn for Business can now present a solid product that focuses on its core area – employer branding. This latest update is a clear indication of the network’s future in this direction.

The new LinkedIn Career pages are focused around three main tabs: Overview, Jobs and Life, with the latter two centered on reaching more of the right talent and offering a glimpse of the company culture. With this, LinkedIn is also introducing more visual elements to the page, allowing companies to better showcase their company personality and spark the applicant interest.

Here’s what you should know about the three core functionalities of Next Gen Career Pages:

1. Connecting brands to top talent
On the Jobs tab, LinkedIn is making it easier for companies to find the best job candidates, while sparking interest in positions by listing jobs relevant to visitors. Potential candidates can even see relevant employee insight that could help them determine if the company environment is suitable for them. Does the company have a startup working culture? Which working locations have most employees? Does your skillset match with those of current employees? Now you can see it all before applying.

2. Make your company stand out
According to Linkedin’s Global Talent Trends, 2015 report, 70% of the world’s workforce is ‘passive’ talent, or people who are not actively searching for jobs but open to offers. This highly customizable social recruiting feature lets you showcase everything that’s cool about working at your company through pictures and video. With a little multimedia razzle-dazzle, you can potentially turn idle browsers into keen applicants.

This tab is a paid feature that will allow brands to showcase important moments and allow visitors to deep-dive into company culture, values, activities and benefits. The tab can also be customized in multiple ways, including by geolocation and interests. Geolocation is a major breakthrough for multinational companies.

Use social listening to discover new employees 
LinkedIn isn’t the only place for professionals on social media. Many Twitter users provide professional information in their bios. Also, people are having conversations on social media all the time. Conversations in public forums are effectively open to anyone.

And publishing tools to keep momentum going
Fusion Medical Staffing has been using Falcon’s content calendar and publishing tools to help with their recruiting efforts. Content Manager, Haley Thomann said:

“We have been able to really streamline the process of all these regarding social recruiting. The publishing tools have allowed us to stay on top of content and make sure everything is shared in a timely manner, regardless of where we are.”

So many resumes, so few good ones
The abundance of resumes that a job listing can generate can make the hiring process seem impersonal and more based on luck than a real connection between a great company and a great applicant.

Social media is at once broad and intimate, so broad audiences can be reached with messages that seem like they’re written just for them. So get your listings out there, back them up with real views into working into your company. You’ll be getting schooled at that karaoke contest in no time.

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