Fire up Your Company LinkedIn Posts.

Four tips for crafting compelling posts on LinkedIn’s bigger, bolder feed.


Caroline Henley
March 4, 2015 - 3 min. read

LinkedIn recently rolled out a simpler, bolder homepage. Posts and activity are lifted into a tiled-style layout. Call-to-action buttons are bigger, more colorful. LinkedIn is making the site more actionable and useful for its huge network of professionals.

So how can company pages take advantage of the shift in the LinkedIn homepage design? Create compelling company page posts. Nail the engagement on your company posts, and you’ll increase your relevance among your followers, and gain new followers in the process.

Let’s look at some examples and experiment with the different posting methods to find how to create the most relevant, far-reaching company page posts, and come up with the current LinkedIn best practices for business. 

#1 – Use hard facts and data
The Think with Google page has been sponsoring its updates for a few weeks. Google has been using splashy, large, colorful photos with interesting data points. Clearly these posts were meant to be shared–they look amazing.

linkedin best practices for business

Use hard facts and data that would be interesting to your followers. If you’re too self-promotional, there’s no reason for anyone to engage. And first and foremost, know your follower data so that it might aid the creation of your content marketing.

#2 – Photo posts twice as engaging as link posts
One of the biggest changes has been the amount of real estate given to photos. Now appearing 530 pixels wide, photos are currently singing in the homepage feed.

We ran an experiment–with photo posts looking so nice in the new LinkedIn feed, how would link posts do against photo posts, in terms of reach and engagement?

To distribute our blog post “Tracking the Academy Awards on Social,” we used two different types of LinkedIn posting methods.

Here is the link post:

linkedin best practices for business

The second, a photo post:

linkedin best practices for business

With 8,029 impressions on the photo posts versus the 3,193 impressions on the link post, the photo post reached 151% more people. And with 0.81% engagement on the link post and 1.31% engagement on the photo, the photo’s engagement rate is 0.50% greater–a 62% increase in engagement.

We experimented with these for three different posts, and the results were the same: photo posts are twice as engaging as link posts. These photos now have tremendous power in the feed, and will continue to track well as LinkedIn improves how it serves posts on its homepage. 

#3 – Keep it professional
For any social network, keep in mind the frame of mind your readers will be in. For LinkedIn, people log in for business best practices, career prospects, and networking.

I recently got engaged. As an experiment, I posted the news across my various profiles on social. I shamelessly included LinkedIn–for science, I swear! Days later, I had barely trickled in four likes on my post, compared to the 250+ on Facebook. The people who had seen the post grazed over it, looking for better content–causing the post not to be served as much as more relevant posts. I suppose I learned a lesson here. Be relevant on the social network where you’re contributing. And also, my work colleagues may be sentimental, but I’d have no way of knowing it. 

#4 – Sponsor your most compelling updates
Once you have found the posting method and content that works best with your audience, sponsor your most compelling updates. Here is some more info on LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates, and here is their “Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn,” a best practices guide with lovely Mad Men-style graphics. With more and more advanced targeting available, you will be able to reach exactly the potential followers best suited for your company.

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