How the Music industry
Can Capitalize on Social Media.

To hit the right note on social media, the music industry needs to use a social media management platform.
Caitlin Brennan
March 7, 2017 - 7 min. read

Social media is a star maker. Raw talent and the explosive sharing powers of social media introduced us to Adele, Justin Bieber and “What Does the Fox Say,” just to name a few. To properly manage and promote a true superstar, the journey goes back to where it all started: social media.

Bedroom YouTube chanteuses and seasoned nostalgia acts alike know that their continued success is dependent on a market with infinite choice and no barriers to entry. Social media has changed the music industry. With that change, social media management has become as essential as roadies, groupies and fancy tour buses.

To effectively juggle the demands of social media, we recommend using a social media management platform like Falcon. We’ll walk you through the benefits and use cases for employing a social media management platform.

Manage social media without skipping a beat:
Though only one person gets the spotlight, stars rely on a team of people playing complementary roles to make her music a reality. To get everyone working together, Falcon’s governance structure keeps the team on message.

One wrong tweet can get a celebrity in hot water faster than the blink of an eye. Consider the new intern, eager to impress, but still has a bit to learn. He needs to have the freedom to take spontaneous Instagram shots from a public appearance, but there really ought to be an adult reading the captions before anything goes live.

With five user roles, managers can define individual and team access to features. The multi-step approval flow ensures all postings can be properly reviewed before posting. On the other end, approval workflows can be setup for working with external artist managers that need a sign-off. Even legal can check samples and logos before getting a nasty takedown notice.

Publishing on social media:
The entire team, whether on tour, the studio or the red carpet, knows what is expected of them. What’s your current process for publishing a social post? If you’re using spreadsheets and email chains, there’s an easier way. A social media management platform helps you streamline all of your social activities.

The first step to efficient publishing begins with using a content calendar. A content calendar allows you to see what’s going out, when and on what channel. It’s one location for creating, scheduling and distributing content.

Working with a central calendar, it’s easy to spot content holes or a see divergence in your social strategy. All content should be timed with events like record releases, tours and guest appearances in mind.

With Falcon’s content calendar, you could create filters to view content by band, artist, genre or network. You can also create content labels to compare campaign performance for example between the fall vs. summer tour.

You can also quickly analyze content performance with our engagement score algorithm to determine if content adjustments are needed. If you need to swap out an image, Falcon’s content library is an archive for pre-approved assets for tours, releases and special events.

Power all your social media publishing from Falcon’s collaborative content calendar.

Listening to fans:
The power of social media is its frictionless two-way nature. Through listening in to the people who are most likely to purchase, your brand has more insights to adapt your content to reach your fans.

Falcon’s Listen enables you to easily monitor artist categories. From five million sources, Falcon finds people talking about what (and who) you care about. Review chatter around fan reaction to artists’ album releases, genres, launch parties, merch feedback and concerts to optimize content messaging based on trending keywords. For example, if fans of one artist are unexpectedly favorable to a band in a different genre, marketers might adjust advertising targeting and bookers may look at new opening acts.

We would also be remiss to mention that the power of social media listening can be used to identify promising new talent. Beat your competition to signing the next star by monitoring buzz around underground or new artists. When everyone can be a reviewer, today’s tastemakers are everywhere.

Keep up to Date With Social Media Monitoring with Falcon’s Listen.

Customer service through social media:
Dayglo Ventures is the holding company for concert promoter Peter Shapiro’s music and entertainment properties, which include several high profile venues and festivals. They use Falcon’s Listen platform to monitor social channels around the clock during their Lockn’ festival.

Emma Matthieson, Director of Marketing at Dayglo explained what happens behind the scenes to keep attendees happy.

For a start, it enables Dayglo to be prepared when email notifications and chatter around the event spikes. “Being that we work in live events, there’s such a need for customer service; especially at an event like Lockn’ that has close to 30,000 people all in one space for a weekend,” said Emma, adding:

“Most of those people are camping, so there are a lot of logistics. Issues, as you can expect, pop up like, ‘My RV ran out of water,’ or ‘I lost my keys.’ Because of that customer service is so hugely important.”

“Social media is the number one way we hear and resolve those complaints. We have a whole customer service team monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and our email inbox. Issues definitely arise, especially within the festival setting, and you have to expect and prepare for that – but people were really impressed with how quickly we responded to them and how fast we were able to send help.”

“You see people go from a frustrated or upset mind-state when they reach out. When you respond quickly and are able to help them, they become immediately grateful for having gotten that response, and you can turn them into a lifelong fan.”

Measure performance with more grace than Simon Cowell:
When it comes to social media campaigns, you don’t want a one-hit wonder. Social media managers need to leverage social media analytics to make informed decisions. However, overly complex metrics that are scattered across reports that busy team members don’t have time to interpret.

Falcon enables you to effectively evaluate and understand engagement metrics, competitor benchmarking, influencer scoring, content labels and team performance with seven pre-built templates in a user-friendly fashion. Anyone on your team can pick up a report and see what’s working and what needs adjusting. You can also create reports for external artist managers to show campaign performance and demonstrate social media ROI.

Analytics also provide greater insights into your fans so you can create campaigns tailored to their interests. Chances are you don’t want to be advertising a week-long outdoor music festival to the Mozart aficionados over-80 demographic.

Social media analytics provide a way to cut through the noise to identify the frustrations and issues your fans face. Look for common needs, goals, and problems, and consider how each could be addressed as part of your content strategy. For example, is there negative sentiment surrounding ticket availability for an upcoming festival? If a limited number of tickets have sold out, it’s time to stop promoting the sold out festival and focus on other events.

Make Informed Decisions with Falcon’s Measure.

Connect to your fan community:
Many stars get on one channel, like YouTube or Twitter, but fail to get those fans to follow elsewhere. If you use unified profiles, which organizes all customer data across all channels in one place, you don’t risk delivering content to the wrong audience.

By identifying interests from information gathered in a unified profiles, you can deliver personalized messaging. For example, you can pull conversations from social channels from music fans discussing summer plans. From there you can deliver targeted ads and email communications highlighting upcoming summer festivals.

The more information you can match from CRM data pulled from social profiles, the more for an in-depth look at your artists’ fan community and prospective fan community you gain to put towards marketing campaigns.

Engage with fans from one inbox:
Using a unified social inbox for all your community management needs ensures you’ll never miss a message from a fan. Along with never missing a message across all major channels, Falcon allows you to prioritize questions so you can address the most pressing issues immediately. Artist Managers can also be enabled to immediately respond to comments, posts and direct messages using the Engage on-the go mobile app.

Don’t waste time formulating a response to repeat fan questions. It’s easy to improve your team’s efficiency by creating templates with common replies to deliver faster responses. For example quickly reply to commonly asked questions about set times, rain delays or ticket re-releases.

Falcon offers one Inbox For All Your Social Engagement.

Social media management and the music industry: a lucrative duet
David Bowie once said, “I’m always amazed that people take what I say seriously. I don’t even take what I am seriously.” Serious or not, people pay attention to every utterance on every channel from today’s stars. This is a risk and an opportunity. Millions of singles are downloaded based on good social buzz, yet those very same social fans could be turned off forever by a few poorly thought-out tweets. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

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