Quick Social Media Fixes to Improve Your Campaigns.

Small changes can make big differences. Take advantage of these optimizations to boost your campaigns. 

Caitlin Brennan
April 10, 2017 - 4 min. read

Need to jumpstart your company’s social media? Rome, as they say, was not built in a day. That’s fine, because your boss might just have good reason to ask, “why are you trying to build the capital of Italy when all I asked you to do was make improvements to our social media presences?” So ditch the shovel and instead dig into these quick social media fixes.

Draw attention and provide a clear CTA
As anyone who has been delayed at an airport with nothing but a smartphone can tell you, social media can be a nearly undifferentiated abyss of words, pictures and videos, streaming endlessly. Content, however important to the poster, competes with thousands of similar posts. If it doesn’t “pop,” those thumbs just keep scrolling. But just because you can grab attention doesn’t mean your job is done.

Let’s take a look at a misfire. 

social media fixes

There’s a lot going on and going wrong for our friends at the fictitious Frank’s Funky Filters. While this ad is eye-catching, it provides no value or clear call-to-action. It’s your job as a marketer to pique interest and clarity. That’s not the end state – consumers need something to do next, whether it’s to buy a product, join a mailing list or share with a friend.

For comparison, here’s a better use of a similarly colorful concept. 

social media fixes

This ad also uses eye-catching colors, but not at the expense of the message. It’s very clear what this ad is about and the benefit for a shopper – new styles and discounts. J. Crew is a well known brand so they don’t have to directly point out they are selling clothing.

Notice how the photo is just a set-up. Our attention was harnessed for three separate messages about products and discounts.

Run a quick A/B test
One of the best things about Facebook advertising, and Google AdWords in particular, is the ability to run very small campaigns. If you have a hunch, as little as ten dollars can get you solid data. Fiddle with phrasing. Swap out images. Switch between CPC and CPM pricing. In a matter of minutes, you can set up multiple tests on your campaigns. Test today and implement your new knowledge by the end of the week.

A good picture can spare you 1,000 words
When showcasing a product, it’s crucial that the image is uncluttered and your product is the focus. If your artwork is getting stale, it may start blending into the background of users’ social media experience. Fight content-blindness with a new background or product view every once in awhile.

Opt out of auto-replies
If customers routinely ask the same questions, it can be tempting to automate the response process. Imagine a customer follows you on Twitter to message you directly about an issue they’re having with your product, only to be met with a generic ‘Thanks for the follow!’ message. That’s an easy way to turn a frustrated customer into an angry customer. A way to circumvent that without having to do a new message every time is to create a few pre-written template answers suited to different scenarios.

Falcon allows you to create templates where you can store answers to commonly asked questions. Templates save you the time of having to type out repetitive answers while ensuring consistency because a person is overseeing the replies.

Make use of mentions
Say you’re writing a blog post in which you mention a company as an example of social media best practices (see above), make sure to give that company a shout out on social media. Same goes for quoting an influencer.  

Also, try to use search-friendly phrases like “social media quick fixes” for SEO. Come to think of it, using one part of this article to highlight the main point of the next paragraph saves me time switching back and forth to my search material since it’s right there. We’re saving time left and right!

Every day is an opportunity
Social Media is not like a ship: when you crack that champagne bottle across the bow and send it out to the sea, there is an expectation that the ship is finished. Not so with social media; your ads and posts can be updated and improved based on real-time analytics data. Put that advantage to use by making small improvements dynamically when opportunities arise. Sure, a few quick social media fixes aren’t going to turn flops into hits, but these can build on your strengths and capture business.

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