Falcon to Revolutionize Social Media Management.

Copenhagen-based Falcon.io has unveiled its latest feature -  Falcon Team Management - to national, regional and global organizations.
Ronja Gustavsson
Ronja Gustavsson
September 17, 2013 - 1 min. read

Empowering organizations to extend their social media efforts across several departments, Falcon Team Management is designed to optimize social media management and allow organizations to assign different roles to users.

One-man social teams belong to a bygone era as organizations operating in the social sphere need to connect and engage with followers swiftly and efficiently – and with a unified brand voice. Ulrik Bo Larsen, co-founder and CEO of Falcon.io, points out:

“Execution is the key to engaging with followers, and to achieve success in a fast-moving sphere, organizations must adopt a unified voice across all teams and departments.”

Adapting to the demands of social media

The face of social media has changed since YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook first entered the fray, and new, easy-to-use management tools have become sought-after commodities.

“Falcon Team Management presents a range of new possibilities for organizations that are trying to manoeuvre safely through the social landscape – as well as organizations that aim to utilize customer engagement and geo-fencing to their fullest potential,” says Ulrik Bo Larsen and elaborates:

“With Falcon Team Management, organizations can create teams, appoint admins and team leaders, specify user roles, assign channels and manage the social media output more effectively. This will allow organizations to coordinate efforts across all departments, from sales and marketing to customer service and HR.”

Falcon´s extensive social media platform, including Falcon Team Management, is developed for companies and organizations of all sizes and industries.

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