Social Media Infographic: The Benefits of Social Media.

Discover how social media could benefit your business.
TJ Kiely
September 3, 2018 - 2 min. read

Every social media manager has likely been asked, “What are the benefits of social media marketing?” by a skeptical colleague or an old-school C-suite executive.

Trust us! We know the struggle is real.

Justifying the value of social media or your social media ROI has become one of the biggest challenges of social media marketing. And for social media managers, the question above demonstrates the amount of internal education that still needs to occur before social media earns the recognition it deserves as a strategic marketing tool for businesses.

So to help any social media manager struggling to market the benefits of social media to anyone who isn’t convinced (yet!), we’ve prepared this handy social media infographic.

With several irrefutable facts, our social media infographic explores the many ways in which social media can help your business connect with potential customers or engage existing customers.


A social media infographic explaining the benefits of social media for businesses.

This social media infographic highlights eight reasons why any business should consider investing in social media.

Since we live and breathe social, we know that this social media infographic only covers a few of the main benefits. But, hopefully, this information was enough to convert your skeptical colleague a believer (or at least peak their interest).

Taking your social strategy to the next level

Once you’ve got the appropriate buy-in from your colleagues and your social strategy begins to flourish, it’s not uncommon for busy social media managers to look to social media management tools, like Falcon, for help managing their social media channels.

These tools allow businesses to manage, monitor, and analyze information related to one or more social media accounts across a variety of platforms.

But with a few hundred social media management tools to choose from, you might be wondering; What are the best social media management tools on the market? So to help you identify the social media management tool that’s perfect for you, we’ve developed this step-by-step guide.