By Lasse Lund

March 10th, 2016

As competition for consumers’ attention intensifies, each of the major social media platforms is introducing new tools and functions to help marketers reach their users. Obviously, this increased reach is welcome news for marketers, but it also greatly increases the complexity of managing a campaign across multiple platforms.

There is no denying that the native advertising tools provided by Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter function well on their own. But the differences in approach make it extremely time-consuming (and expensive) to create consistent campaigns across each channel.

The solution is to invest in social media management software that can help simplify the process of building and executing a multi-platform campaign. Here are our top 5 reasons why your business needs to make the step up to a full management system – or risk falling behind to your competitors.

#1 – Improved governance avoids public mistakes
Like any customer-facing communications channel, social media is effective for connecting with customers and spreading your brand message. But it’s also incredibly easy to make a mistake that threatens to tarnish your brand message.

Take the recent Kanye West controversy – after the infamous rapper claimed to be millions of dollars in debt, many users took to Twitter to mock him.

Unfortunately, General Electric and Virgin Airlines both ended up in trouble after personal tweets were sent from their corporate Twitter accounts. The tweets were quickly deleted, but the damage had already been done.

It is much easier to prevent these kinds of accidents when you use social media management software to implement a governance system. When all corporate social media updates are sent via dedicated platform, it becomes much harder for users to tweet from the wrong account, as they don’t need to sign in-and-out to switch between personal and corporate accounts. They can tweet business content from within the social media management software, and personal updates from the native web interface or app provided by the social network.

Advanced features even allow you to limit which of your employees can perform certain tasks. For instance, you may want to allow the whole social team to prepare content, but restrict publishing permissions to a smaller group. Social media management tools give you the control you need to ensure updates fully adhere to your brand guidelines and create a consistent image for your followers and fans.

#2 – Helping to prove ROI
In a metrics-obsessed world, everyone is expected to prove the return on investment of every activity. The ability to measure and analyze results is vital.

Each social network provides some of their own tools to assist with activity analysis, but obtaining a holistic view of a multi-platform campaign can be a major headache. Data needs to be exported from each platform before being collated and analyzed in a spreadsheet or similar.

Social media software makes the process much simpler by accessing the relevant information directly. This approach streamlines analysis and helps to avoid the common mistakes that can skew your figures when exporting and importing multiple data sets.

#3 – Cut costs
Reduced costs are always a direct benefit of more efficient operations – and social media management software is designed specifically to simplify your operations. When using native platforms, much of the preparation and execution is duplicated for each one – you prepare and pre-load a photo to accompany a Facebook post, then repeat the same process for Instagram. And Twitter. And Pinterest. And Google+.

Creating one social update across all platforms using the native interfaces is actually a process of creating up to five (or more!) separate posts.

Falcon Social Publish Content Calendar Campaign Planner

Falcon’s Publish platform allows you to plan out your social content across networks and campaigns.

By centralizing the content creation and publication processes, you can reduce the time and effort spent on each update exponentially.

#4 – Simplified content management
A comprehensive social media campaign uses dozens of assets, each optimized for each platform to drive customer engagement. You probably already have a pool of such resources available – but they are not likely integrated with all the social channels you use.

Social media management software seamlessly connects your content and social accounts. Adding assets to your campaigns is as simple as drag and drop, ready for every social channel your business uses. The effort required to post content is reduced, giving you more time to spend on creating it in the first place.

More time saved means yet more money saved for reinvestment into other aspects of your campaign.

#5 – See the big picture
Perhaps the biggest benefit provided by social media management software is the ability to control and monitor your campaigns as a whole. Viewing top-level metrics allows you to assess overall performance and use your learning to make adjustments and further boost engagement/click-throughs/sign-ups/etc.

And when your boss asks about progress, you can show them exactly how well you’re doing. And how much return you’ve already generated on the campaign cost.

Investing in social media management software is the next logical step in your social media marketing progression.

Get in touch with us today for a walk-through of our platform and to learn more about the efficiencies and cost savings your business can achieve with social media management software.

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