By Caitlin Brennan

February 10th, 2017

The world didn’t cease to change the day you graduated from school. Given the fast pace of new technology, theory and strategy, staying up-to-date is the only way to keep from falling behind. Savvy social media managers dedicate a portion of their day to catching up on relevant blogs and publications for changes to key systems, technical know-how and inspiration. Plus, it makes you sound smart!

These sites are the building blocks of a well-rounded trade news diet. We suggest mixing in some industry-specific content to better understand the rest of your company.

Before you start a media diet, setup a Feedly account to keep track of all your new blogs. Though we still mourn the death of Google Reader, this RSS feed manager is simple and clean enough to do the job. Just pop a blog’s URL into Feedly, subscribe and all new articles will show up as they are published. Take that, bookmarks!

social media marketing resources

The Drum
If you happen to be reading this and find yourself mentioned in an article, you’re a big shot. A magazine and website for general-purpose marketing and advertising news with a digital bent. Learn what’s keeping the major players up at night, from social media ad buys to hot new campaigns. It’s got tons of good fodder for your next job interview as well.

social media marketing resources

Jon Loomer
Yes, he’s a self-promoter par excellance. Yes, you will see half a dozen photos of Mr. Loomer before you can click on anything. But we’ll be darned if he doesn’t know his Facebook Advertising. He digs deep into campaign building on a regular basis and keeps on top of changes in the way the ad network works. Also, that winning smile, over and over.

social media marketing resources

Coursera is an online platform that offers educational courses in a wide range of subjects taught by instructors from top universities. If you can dedicate the time, go for a deep dive. You can even get course credit without the risk of getting hit by a stray frisbee.

social media marketing resources

Marketing Stack
Meet our .io neighbors. Marketing stack is an aggregation of several blogs on marketing. It’s also a directory of marketing and social media businesses. If you’re brand new, it’s worth poking around just to see what’s out there.

social media marketing resources

Social Media Social Hour Podcast: By Tyler Anderson
This is the only one of these resources we encourage you to enjoy while driving. Or jogging. Or eating ribs with both hands. Tyler Anderson mixes in some basic social media marketing content with episodes about work, sales and management.

social media marketing resources

“5 billion searches are performed every day. Be found,” is SEO software Moz’s succinct value proposition. Every marketer today needs a working knowledge of SEO – and will profit from a much deeper one. Moz’s blog provides an affable and accessible introduction to what is an intimidating and even mythic acronym to many. The Whiteboard Friday tutorial videos are highly recommended.

social media marketing resources

Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube Channel
It takes a special person to have the tagline “Crush It!” while still convincing the world that you’re worth listening to. Vaynerchuk is one of those people. You’ve got to give the guy credit for starting with a small webcast about wine and building it into a multimedia empire. These days, you can summarize his YouTube output as DJ Khaled meets Facebook Power Editor meets three days of stubble.

social media marketing resources

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what your market or industry is talking about, then Buzzsumo is a go-to must. The free version alone gives you exceptional insights. You can search for particular keywords of topics and see which articles involving them are getting the most shares on social media, along with backlinks and domains. .

social media marketing resources

The more you read, the more you’ll be able to predict social trends and add depth to your content. Diversify your sources to develop a well-rounded, holistic view of the industry. Thanks for trusting Falcon as one of your sources of information. We promise to keep reading and keeping up!

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