Tapping Into Employee Advocacy.

Including employees in your social strategy improves your reach and gives you an edge.

Jennie Ferrara
July 17, 2014 - 2 min. read

I’d only been working for Falcon Social a week’s time when I hosted a small party. As I told people about my new job, the product, the office, and my new co-workers, I caught myself sounding so jubilant, you’d think I’d founded the company myself. What an asset – an enthused employee praising her workplace. I can’t boast that my network is full of potential Falcon customers, but positive buzz is just that, and at some point, it gets around. That’s good for everybody.

Employee advocacy is on everybody’s lips, and rightly so – it’s a potential wealth of great (and free!) marketing, sales, and recruitment opportunities. However, the questions remain: how do you get your employees to be company ambassadors with a cohesive brand message, and who’s responsible. Sales, HR, and Marketing can all benefit, but ultimately, someone should be making the calls.


Most employees receive training when starting a job, and this is a perfect opportunity to introduce some core values and overall business goals with employee advocacy in mind.

As with anything, the more resources go into a project, the more you potentially get out of it. Among other things to be considered are: mapping out objectives, training programs, management allocation, and tools. What exactly should employees carry with them out into the world? Handing out flyers and an elevator pitch notwithstanding, having a basic knowledge of company culture and goals is relevant for any employee in any situation.

The next step is communicating to employees that they are welcome to share content. Invite the crew to follow, like, favorite, and retweet. The thing is, and this is the crux of employee advocacy: brands and employees have different followers, and different reach. This is the goldmine – being able to go where a company’s paid efforts don’t.

At first, this may be daunting. Do you trust your employees to carry the brand name into the great wide open? Yes, with the right groundwork, you do.

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