We've Been Busy, So Have You.

Within Customer Success, we constantly strive to ensure that you are successful with our platform.
Anna Tighe
December 16, 2013 - 3 min. read

Within Customer Success, we constantly strive to ensure that you are successful with our platform. The many major developments in 2013, as well as the team expansion, have certainly helped to deliver on that. However, one of the key things I’ve noticed is how much social media demands from YOU!

Reflecting on the many conversations I’ve had with our customers throughout the year – across many verticals and markets around the globe – I am struck by the consistency of your reality: Social media is just one part of a multitude of tasks you work on in a given day. Given its importance – that requires you to constantly operate off a ‘minimum effort with maximum impact’ philosophy.

The quick wins

You’ve already chosen to use a social media management software – so the first step of easing the pain is complete. Next step however, is going inside and making use of the extensive feature set. But for many – despite us priding ourselves on ease-of-use – it’s a question of time, resources, and initiative.

So let’s have a quick look at some low-hanging fruit in the Falcon platform.

#1 – Divide and conquer

Whether you’re the executor or the strategist, every little bit helps. Being able to delegate tasks, and set up standard re-usable responses saves time and shortens your To Do list – simple as that.

I recommend trying out Moderation. Assign messages/comments to your colleagues, and set up templates to make sure that your helping hands are prepared for how to handle those challenging conversations.

#2 – Plan ahead

We all want to deliver on real-time marketing – but staying agile also requires consistency and alignment of activities.

I recommend making use of our social media calendar. Visualise your editorial activity for all networks in one place, and schedule the content you know needs to go out ahead of time.

#3 – No need to reinvent the wheel

Sure, nobody likes a copycat. But isn’t social media all about being Social?

I recommend tapping into our actionable Listening. Dive into the conversations that have generated the most buzz – or simply re-share the great content you discover that’s relevant to your brand!

Our gift to you

Here are some resources that may help out:

Some Falcon trivia (well, it’s that time of year!)

It’s no joke – the name of our company comes from the idea of hovering above the fragmented and dispersed social media activity and being able to clearly gain an overview. But at the same time, being able to effortlessly pick out and focus on a tiny detail in this vast pool of information. Just like a bird of prey, like a falcon.

We consider you an honorary Falconeer. Based on your current reality – we think that you are certainly challenged to imbue the traits of a falcon. Entering the New Year, we continue to embrace the challenge and look forward to partnering with you to succeed in the ever-fragmented social media and technology landscape.

Here’s to a great 2014!

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