Making Big Data smaller - and Easy to Consume.

No one that works in marketing needs to be convinced of the power of Big Data, although we sometimes wish that the data were easier to break down and interpret.

Mary Liebowitz
August 13, 2014 - 2 min. read

When you have access to a large, continual stream of information, it can be difficult to determine where the right information lies, and ensure you’re not missing out.

How do we get the most from the social data we’re tapping into, and how do we leverage Big Data’s power?

The answers are in our toolbox.


In social media management, the key to making data manageable is to run searches to extract a specific group of data, and package it for yourself.

When looking at Big Data, it’s important to have a focus on your KPIs and personalized business goals, and then simply set up projects to extract the data that you need.

For example, when I plan out my editorial calendar for Social Media Management content, I set up several searches within our Listening tool to see trending industry topics, see what the influencers are saying, and note the conversations around any good questions that are being asked.

This helps me create timely, relevant content and feedback that also provides our community with the helpful insight they’ve been looking for.

When I follow specific events, I have multiple listening projects set up ahead of time to identify key influencers, opportunities for engagement, and potential leads.

There are so many different ways to slice and dice through data. Measure, our analytics feature, can then provide an overview to ensure that the data that you’re working with are in line with your KPIs.

It only takes an understanding of what you want to achieve to build up the parameters that will deliver manageable packets of relevant information on a granular level.

Cover photo credit: Datacenter Work by Leonardo Rizzi

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