Customer Spotlight: How Social Media Unites Music Fans.

Here’s how Dayglo Ventures uses social media to unite their diverse businesses and markets to reach fans.  
Caitlin Brennan
October 4, 2016 - 3 min. read
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In this first of our Customer Spotlight series, we had the pleasure of chatting with Emma Matthieson, Director of Marketing at Dayglo Ventures. Dayglo is the holding company for concert promoter Peter Shapiro’s music and entertainment properties, which includes  Brooklyn Bowl, Lockn’ Festival, The Capitol Theatre,, and Relix Magazine.

These businesses are geographically diverse and, in some cases, industry opposites. Print vs. digital, venues vs. festivals, east vs. west. In short, Dayglo brings music everywhere. Consequently, Emma and her team are faced with a unique set of challenges in reaching their wide audience. We discussed how she tackles issues and her favorite social wins.

Social customer service:
The Lockn’ Festival, started in 2013, is an annual four-day music festival held in Arrington, Virginia. Emma spoke about what happens behind the scenes to keep attendees happy.

“Being that we work in live events, there’s such a need for customer service; especially at an event like Lockn’ that has close to 30,000 people all in one space for a weekend. Most of those people are camping, so there are a lot of logistics. Issues, as you can expect, pop up like, ‘My RV ran out of water,’ or ‘I lost my keys.’ Because of that customer service is so hugely important.”

“Social media is the number one way we hear and resolve those complaints. We have a whole customer service team monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and our email inbox. Issues definitely arise, especially within the festival setting, and you have to expect and prepare for that – but people were really impressed with how quickly we responded to them and how fast we were able to send help.”

“You see people go from a frustrated or upset mind-state when they reach out.  When you respond quickly and are able to help them, they become immediately grateful for having gotten that response, and you can turn them into a lifelong fan.”

Five people manned the social channels around the clock during Lockn’. They are able to monitor all channels with ease using Falcon.


So many markets, so little time
As if handling tens of thousands of campers at Lockn’ isn’t difficult enough, that’s only a portion of Emma’s job. We discussed how she juggles Dayglo’s diverse businesses and markets. Each business has a unique audience and marketing team. Dayglo relies on those teams to know how to reach local fans.

“All the businesses are different and speak to different audiences. We rely on marketing teams to know the language of their local user base. We discuss what works and what doesn’t with all teams,” Emma said, adding:

“the unifying thread for all businesses is love for the show experience.”

Speaking to how Dayglo creates content for the various businesses and markets, “We do pretty much everything in-house. That’s why we use Falcon and why it’s so helpful, because we’re doing everything on the marketing spectrum ourselves. So a tool like that is very helpful.”

Cultivating fan engagement
When asked to discuss her favorite social media campaign, Emma cited Dayglo’s newest business,, a website where “music fans can go and log what shows they’ve been to and share stats and photos. We’re seeing a level of fandom and sharing that you would never really see on Facebook, which was the intention. It’s exciting to see it coming to life.”

Another one of Emma’s favorite moments bridged and Lockn’. They invited the community on to share stories about what Lockn’ means to them, giving away tickets to the festival in return. Emma enthusiastically explained, “It was really amazing to see the stories that people were posting. We heard from people who’d gotten married at Lockn’, gotten engaged, had their honeymoon there, people who go with their grandma every year..”

“It’s amazing to see that the event you put on means so much to people, that it becomes such a big part of their life.”

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