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Why campaign tracking is a thing of beauty for hardcore marketers, and how Falcon helps our customers streamline social campaigns.

Jennie Ferrara
November 2, 2014 - 2 min. read

Working in digital marketing, you can spend a lot of time creating content that you hope is informative, fun, and captures attention quickly. You also need to know how your content is doing and what drives the most traffic to your site, especially with ad spend – so you can repeat your successes, and lay some of the more questionable content to rest. This is what we rely on in marketing. We don’t just shoot rounds into the dark – we take stock of our efforts using the available data, and optimize our strategy to get the most bang for our buck.

As marketers, we optimize by taking ownership of our data. We’ll stamp each piece of content to track our campaigns and ensure we’re meeting our KPIs as planned. In social media management, we continually discuss tailoring our social media metrics to match our business’s goals, and through campaign tracking, we can see how we’re measuring up.


Falcon’s URL Builder and Campaign Tracker allows for the formatting of tailored URLs using UTM tracking code (or other tracking parameters) for customized campaign tracking.

The unique code created in this manner has just one drawback – it’s unsightly. Luckily, you’ll also be able to create a shorter, more uniform and convenient appearance that will reflect your brand name and/or campaign. Using Falcon’s own domain, the integrated URL shortener will give you a creative space to customize in, allowing you to decide exactly what’s presented to your audience. We’ve created the URL shortener solely available to Falcon’s customers in Publish, to secure URL integrity, and deliver a reliable, trusted link source to your communities.

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