Which Jewelry Brands Shine for Mother's Day?

A look at best practices for social retail across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Caroline Henley
May 7, 2015 - 4 min. read

It seems like just yesterday the social media retail space was a bustling baby. Has it matured enough to make direct sales across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity to take a look at how jewelry and watch brands are using social to reach gift-seeking sons and daughters.

We set up a listening project for some popular luxury jewelry and watch companies to see which brands are promoting gifts for Mother’s Day. We’re tracking Bulgari, Cartier, IWC, Michael Kors, Omega, Pandora, Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Tiffany’s, and running them alongside Mother’s Day terms like “mother,” “mom” and “#mothersday.”  

Mothers Day Social Media

Where are these brands getting the most traction? Twitter first; Facebook second; Instagram third.

Let’s dive into the spikes to see which brands are dominating each network, and how they’re doing it. From there, we can cull together current best practices for luxury retail between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tiffany’s Little Blue Tweets 
46% of the overall Mother’s Day mentions come from Twitter. So which brand tops the list of mentions on Twitter?

Tiffany & Co. has 30.9% of the Mother’s Day mentions thanks to the company’s shareable Mother’s Day tweets. (How fitting that the purveyor of the little blue box takes over the network of the little blue bird!)

Tiffany’s iconic box imagery works so well with a holiday like Mother’s Day. Tiffany’s fans are proud to share in honor of their moms.  

Imagery is increasingly effective on Twitter–in this case, allowing fans to associate themselves with their exclusive little blue box. Adding a sense of time and urgency certainly helped this tweet as well on the fast-moving network.

Michael Kors’ Facebook Ambassadors 
Michael Kors has 17.4% of these Mother’s Day mentions, coming from both the brand’s owned media as well as earned, user-generated mentions.  

Michael Kors has done such an amazing job promoting its luxe brand image that most of the mentions are earned–user-generated, from malls, standalone stores, and brand ambassadors.

Local malls love to shout the name, posting that yes, Michael Kors is indeed in stock. They have even been lifting the artwork from Michael Kors’ Mother’s Day shoot. This makes sense–as many of the smaller stores rely on the bigger company for assets like high-res imagery, as well as the brand’s mass following as a hook in their advertising.

Pandora Charms Instagrammers 
A whopping 48.6% of the Mother’s Day mentions are attributed to Pandora and its fans. This is due in large part to Pandora promoting its social in tandem with its TV campaign. The spot uses actual mothers and daughters, and showcases the array of jewelry they sell beyond their iconic charm bracelet.

Only 12% of the overall Mother’s Day mentions are on Instagram—but as Instagram is on the precipice of breaking through to huge retail opportunities on the network, let’s dive into what is working on this network for the social retail leader Pandora.

Instagram is the great Catch 22 of modern social media marketing. It’s the perfect showcase for aspirational products. Engagement rates are through the roof, and the pre-set filters make everything look downright sexy. But you can’t click out to a product page. So what are the best ways to optimize Instagram for brand awareness? And are there any direct selling opportunities?

Three tactics we’ve found Pandora doing to draw such huge results on Instagram: letting franchises take the reins; generating brand awareness by encouraging engagement and hashtags; and providing links to product pages in the profile.

By filtering our Listening report by Pandora mentions on Instagram, we can take a look at each tactic.


Pandora has gone local on Instagram, letting franchises launch their own accounts, store-by-store. This has created a powerful social force of Pandora accounts, which have flooded the Mother’s Day hashtag with relevant posts. Fans of the brand have been posting the Mother’s Day-themed charms as well.


With its personalized offerings, fans are encouraged to use the Pandora hashtags unique to specific products–like #PandoraCharm alongside #MothersDay. And the results show users are doing it.

Pandora also makes sure to provide the link to its website–where transactions actually take place. Retailers could even consider putting a link directly to one product page, and switch it up as their posts highlight different products.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you social-savvy moms out there. And now to plan the perfect breakfast-in-bed treat for my own mother…

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