By Chris Sugrue

March 18th, 2015

Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is simply the process of determining whether a mention is positive, negative or neutral. Of course the methodology behind the process is far from simple. Teaching technology to fathom the intricacies of human syntax, slang and acronyms is no easy task. That’s why our R&D stars work tirelessly to evolve our Semantria-driven sentiment analysis tools to keep pace with the development and whims of our supported languages.

Now that evolution has taken an advantageous turn: allowing you to deep dive into sentiment within our Listen product. Using it you can gauge the opinions of entire markets, industries and communities, just as you can already can with incoming comments in Engage.

For reputation management, problem prevention and benchmarking purposes, the Listen sentiment indicator is a potent new tool with a broad range of application.

Get to the heart of any topic

The Listen sentiment indicator pulls from literally millions of online sources such as social media, blogs, forums, reviews and news outlets to provide an overview of how certain topics, e.g. words, company or product names and even hashtags are being discussed.

Mentions come in real-time and are labeled as positive, negative, neutral or unknown. These unknowns will be everything from unsupported languages to incomprehensible hashtags or spelling. As in Engage, the sentiment indicator in Listen is attuned to how modifiers can drastically change a word’s meaning; even flipping it from a positive to a negative or vice versa. Slang and sarcasm are also recognized.

There are 7 languages currently supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese, and Listen is continuously updated in each.

A little context goes a long way

Benchmarking is another key feature that will help you extract real data from a lot of talk. For example: although a mention may seem negative towards your brand, wider matters may be afoot. With Listen you can get the bigger picture by seeing what is being said about competitors and whether they are experiencing similar spikes. You can also see how your overall sentiment scores rank alongside other products or brands. With each topic, the related sentiment is broken down into percentages.

Social Sentiment Analysis

Know (& keep) your fans

The chief benefit of sentiment analysis is knowing what people are saying about your brand and the topics that matter to it. It is pure eavesdropping in its best-intentioned and most practical form. Using it you can identify customer concerns before these escalate, and proactively address comments to increase satisfaction. On a more internal level the benchmarking results provide some highly insightful and actionable KPIs.


Essentially, the sentiment indicator for Listen enables social marketers to draw more meaning from mentions. It helps you answer the fundamental question of ‘where do we stand?’ before plotting the next steps forward.

Cover photo credit: Jason Devaun

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