Who Are the 2018 Social Media Cup Champions? [Infographic]

We all know who won the World Cup - but who won the Social Media Cup?
Maxwell Gollin
Maxwell Gollin
July 16, 2018 - 2 min. read

It’s been a long and unexpected road to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals in Moscow—and the whole world has been chatting, arguing, and joking along on social media from the beginning. From shocking defeats in the group stage….

To endless memes about Neymar’s famous flops:

…this has been a World Cup to remember. It’s also been the most active on social media in history, with over 4 million mentions of the 5 most popular teams alone.

While聽France may have taken home the trophy, we wanted to know which teams and players won the 2018 Social Media Cup. That is, who generated the most buzz on social?

That’s why our very own Marketing Technology Manager聽Kristoffe聽Biglette created an awesome social listening project around the聽Championship. It used Falcon’s powerful social listening capabilities聽to track all the conversations happening about the Cup…worldwide.聽

For example, the page tracked and displayed which teams were talked about the most on social media in real time, complete with sentiment analysis to show how many of those mentions were positive, negative, or neutral.

social media world cup 2018 infographic
One thing we learned during the project: football fans are a surprisingly positive bunch.

It also included the top 20 most popular players on social media—so you can see whether people care more about Harry Kane than they do about Ronaldo.

Not only that, it included showdowns between the hottest players and the most recent teams to compete against each other so you could see who’s in the lead for mentions.聽

The stats, trends, and insights we were able to pull in through Listen聽during the project were so cool, we figured we needed to make an infographic with them to close out a spectacular tournament.

So without further ado, the winners of the 2018 Falcon Social Media Cup:

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