How Data Insights Dashboards Prove Your Social Media Strategy Is Working.

Let the Falcon-Vizia integration help you visualize the KPIs that matter to your brand’s ROI.
Aika Zikibayeva
February 21, 2018 - 5 min. read

For a lot of brands, social media plays a small part in their overall marketing strategy. When it comes to spend, only 9.8% of the average brand’s marketing budget is allocated for social media activities according to The CMO Survey.

In a world where the digital landscape is heavily influenced by social media, this figure may come as a surprise. And it begs the question: why doesn’t social media have that same influence on business decisions?

The reality is that despite the ample opportunities that exist on social for reaching, engaging, and converting users, most brands simply cannot prove its contribution to business outcomes.

social media analytics dashboard
As recently as last year, 45% of top U.S. marketers said they couldn’t show the impact social media has had on their businesses. Source: CMO Survey.

The difficulty lies in how to clearly outline how social fits into a company’s overall marketing, sales or public relations strategy. Customizable data-driven dashboards are a great tool that offer to solve that problem for the C-suite and the rest of your company.

Dashboards make your data visually appealing, thus making it easier to digest. And by combining or comparing social data to marketing or sales activities, you can paint a clearer picture for the C-suite.

At, we are teaming up with the newly redesigned Brandwatch Vizia platform. Vizia is a data visualization platform designed to bring social and marketing insights to life. 

The Falcon-Vizia integration is the perfect tool for social marketers to use in order to convince the C-suite that social can and should belong to the larger ecosystem of marketing communications goals.

Prove the value of your work with the right KPIs

social media analytics dashboard
Displaying your brand activities and performance on social is a great way to cultivate an environment for positive change and start conversations around how to optimize those activities in the future.

Therefore, the process of selecting the metrics that matter the most to your business is important. The metrics you choose must reflect how your social media activities directly feed into your bottom line.

Channel performance is a great place to start. With the Vizia-Falcon integration, you can identify your top-performing channels based on organic vs. paid impressions as well as post-level and page-level consumption metrics based on link clicks, video plays, and photos views.

Impressions are particularly useful for advertisers making a case for the value of a post. After all, the more eyes on an ad, the greater the value for the advertiser.

social media analytics dashboard
Vizia offers a visually appealing dashboard to display KPIs like organic and paid post impressions.

The Vizia-Falcon integration also enables users to analyze campaign performance. Planning and executing a campaign requires you to map your audience, develop your content pipeline and calendar, identify the channel mix distribution, and collaborate with your team along the way.

One easy way to keep track of all these efforts is to apply labels to your campaigns. By seeing how your campaigns perform, you can learn from your successes and misfires so you can nail your social campaign strategy next time.

Compare social media outcomes to other business objectives

Your dashboard will be especially effective if you include data from multiple sources. In order for the C-suite to make informed decisions, they need to understand how activities across the board impact ROI.

Therefore, think about all other departments within your company that are affected by your social media campaigns. Whether it is website traffic, sales data, or social listening, showcasing the correlation between various areas of your company makes it easier to prove the value of social media.

In addition to displaying your Falcon metrics on the Vizia platform, you are able to ingest and display data from Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

If you ran a social media campaign where you pushed traffic onto a landing page, for example, you could build a dashboard with tiles that showed the success of the campaign by combining data points from your social strategy and the traffic and goals you’ve defined in Google Analytics.

social media analytics dashboardVizia’s dashboard enables you to view Google data alongside your social media analytics.

Drive better engagement with the customer in mind
Aligning your social media strategy with relevant conversations is how you will win more customers and create new brand ambassadors. According to our Customer Experience Trends Report, industry leaders are beginning to understand this and are creating connections at key emotional moments to win over customers and increase brand loyalty.

Social listening data informs marketers about where these emotional moments lie and how they can translate to sales. Knowing the topics that drive the conversation for your customers in real-time will help your social and digital marketing teams react, provide better customer service, and promote your brand.

For instance, American Airlines leveraged the Vizia platform to drive the brand narrative, respond quickly to crises and opportunities, and brought the voice of the customer into the heart of their business by discovering user-generated content.

Day to day, they share insights with their global communications colleagues. When the social team deals with a more serious situation, they loop in their top leaders for executive feedback and guidelines.

Think big picture

social media analytics dashboard
At the end of the day, what will make your analytics dashboard impressive both to the C-suite and to the rest of your company is how well you incorporate relevant business and marketing data into it.

The beauty of building a dashboard is that you get to think big picture—web analytics, marketing automation, CRM, social listening, and other real-time updates are all at your fingertips.

You get to decide the sequence of the visualization and exactly how and where to present the dashboards. You also have a powerful tool for visualization and a free flow of data between your MarTech stacks.

Falcon + Vizia – A Potent Combination

social media analytics dashboardWith the Falcon/Vizia integration, social analytics meet vibrant visuals.

The integration between the Falcon and Vizia platforms allows brands to have a comprehensive overview of their owned Facebook and Instagram channel performance.

Additionally, customers will be able to monitor the performance of specific social media campaigns through the integrated platform. Customers have access to over 1200 metrics which they can visualize through build customizable dashboards on multiple screens across their company.

Vizia is a data visualization platform designed to bring social and marketing insights to life. In other words, it’s the best way of showcasing and distributing your insights in a way that’s engaging, impactful and valuable.

Vizia brings the various aspects of your marketing world together in one central hub and allows you to use this unity to drive marketing efforts. Social media insights have never been so clear.

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