The Human ROI of a Great SMM tool.

We know an SMM tool is a great investment seen from an economic perspective. Truth is, it’s the human ROI that counts.

Jennie Ferrara
September 24, 2014 - 2 min. read

Imagine a company on social media. It’s on four major channels, with over 10 brands. That’s over 40 accounts. Each account needs daily moderation and engagement, with new content being posted at regular intervals, and of course these parameters need measuring as well, in the hopes of optimizing, well, everything. Imagine that you’re doing all this one by one, channel by channel, logging in and out each time, and using at least three different software tools to make it all happen. Sounds pretty stressful, to be honest. And although that volume of social media communication isn’t always the case, we all know there’s enough going on already in a regular workday to keep the most zen of us on our toes.

An effective social media management tool

Such a social media management tool is actually pretty important to the well-being of your social media manager, as no matter how much we harp on about effectivity, economic viability, or the ROI of each brick building up your business, there is a human aspect at the center of everything we do. In fact, arguably, that’s what drives the most successful marketing – the ability to connect on an emotional level with the consumer. How can a team effectively do that when they’re already strapped for time on bare administration?

Getting back to our company with more than 40 accounts to keep track of, how fragmented can we really let our communication efforts get? We know that the more bits and bobs to our strategies, the more cracks there will be (even though that’s where Leonard Cohen says the light gets in). An effective tool will minimize these cracks, optimally removing them entirely. Just the sheer peace of mind that lends to the human who’s managing social media communication is priceless.


Admittedly, an SMM tool can’t help you with all the meetings you have to attend, or the number of emails you get in a day – you’ll have to take other measures for that. It will, however, secure you the knowledge that you won’t miss a single message or mention of your brand on the internet. It will also buy you precious time during your day, since it’s your one stop shop for the aforementioned, plus publishing and analytics.

Case in point: me. When I get to work, the first thing I do is log on to Falcon Social’s own platform, and that’s where I stay for most of the day. It’s my control center for all the company’s social media communications. Not to be cheesy, but it’s where I am one with the Falcon brand online. It also helps keep multitasking to a minimum, allowing me to focus on one task at a time, doing that one thing well, instead of doing three at a time, poorly.

Time, focus, peace of mind. Now that’s social ROI.

Understanding Social Media ROI

Effectively measure the ROI of your social media marketing so you can optimize it.