10 Social Media Podcasts You Need to Hear in 2019.

The podcasts worth your time, as recommended by social media professionals.
Chris Sugrue
Chris Sugrue
January 14, 2019 - 3 min. read

There’s so much knowledge and inspiration out there.

It can feel a little overwhelming, which is why social media podcasts have become every marketer’s friend.

With that in mind, we asked around our offices and networks for social media podcast recommendations. These could be either fully social media focused, or more focused on marketing but including social media topics.

You are bound to know some of these—but we have been inspired by some of the lesser-known, fresh suggestions.

So listen up, and enjoy.

1. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

masters of scale social media podcast reid hoffman

Reid was a co-founder of LinkedIn and frequently goes back to his social roots in his Masters of Scale podcasts. Naturally, he has some pulling power, so don’t miss out on his frank discussions with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.

2. Neal Schaffer Podcast

social media podcasts neal schaffer

Neal is a world-renowned digital marketing and social media strategist, speaker and author—not to mention a two-time Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer and Top 5 Social Sales Influencer. His podcast covers all the bases of social media, from high-level strategy to simple tips & tricks to influencer marketing.

Neal will be a keynote speaker at our upcoming Spark conference in November—get your tickets here.

social media strategy podcasts

3. Marketing Over Coffee with John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn

social media podcast marketing over coffee

What it says on the (coffee) can, Marketing Over Coffee is recorded in coffee shops every week and published on Thursdays. It’s about marketing in general, but regularly covers social media topics and has featured some big-name guests such as Seth Godin.

Also see: our recent interview with the “Godfather of Content Marketing” himself, Joe Pulizzi.

4. The Art of Paid Traffic with Rick Mulready

social media podcasts rick mulready
A popular one with our social media advertising specialists, The Art of Paid Traffic is not just for the hands-on social media advertising pros out there. Anyone entering the sometimes daunting social ads space would do well to tune in.

5. Social Pros with Jay Baer and Adam Brown

socialpros podcast jay baer

A long-time podcast mainstay of many, Social Pros is co-hosted by marketing legend Jay Baer. Jay’s clout gets him some high-brow guests, making these podcasts a window into the best and latest social media thought leadership.

6. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

online marketing made easy amy porterfield

Online marketing trainer Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy podcasts cover a range of digital marketing topics. Alongside guest appearances from such names as Niel Patel and Rick Mulready, Amy shares tips, tricks and learnings from her own entrepreneurial ventures.

7. Social Media Examiner with Michael Stelzner

social media examiner podcast michael stelzner

Another one that will need no introduction to many. A veritable content machine, Social Media Examiner pumps out two quality podcasts per week along with a live talk show to complement its popular blog. The podcasts are hosted by founder Michael Stelzner, with a long list of marketing celebrity guests.

8. Entrepreneurs GSD with Mike Kawalu and Sheena White

entrepreneurs GSD podcast mike kawula
In case you were wondering, GSD stands for “Getting Shit Done”. Entrepreneurs GSD tackles everything from copywriting to efficiency hacks and growing your business. Social media gets ample coverage too, with podcasts such as “How to Easily Use IGTV in Your Business Now and Kick Ass,” (I’m assured this podcast is not all swearing).

9. The Marketing Companion Podcast with Mark Schaefer & Tom Webster

marketing companion podcast

The “most entertaining marketing podcast” as it styles itself, certainly does bring the funny and insightful in buckets. The Marketing Companion has been running for five years. It frequently lands on the topic of social media, such as the recent episode, “Will Facebook be a permanent fixture in our lives?”

10. Marketing Smarts

marketingprofs marketing smarts podcast
Last, but certainly not least, Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs remains one of the most frequently recommended marketing podcasts. This is another one covering all facets of the industry, with a full 109 social media focused episodes on offer. For many people, this is the place to go to hear about all things marketing and social media.

Recommended by social media marketers like you

Above are ten of the best social media podcasts as recommended by people from around the industry. So kick back and soak up some insights from some of the sharpest minds (and tongues) in the industry. 

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