5 Social Media Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season.

We’ve curated a list of social media tips to help social media managers like you to get through this fun—albeit hectic—holiday season.
Veena Ramakrishnan
November 18, 2020 - 4 min. read

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…”

“I wanna wish you a merry Christmas…”

Is it too soon to be getting into the holiday spirit?

Hell no!

Just like it’s not too early to sing Christmas carols, drink eggnog, or work on your New Year’s resolution, it’s not too early (or too late, if I may) to be thinking about your social media strategy for the upcoming holiday season either.

We all know how crazy things get around the holiday season. In between brainstorms, budgets approvals, and end-of-year planning, there’re about a million things to keep tabs on. Add a pandemic to the mix and things get even crazier.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of social media tips to help social media managers like you to get through this fun—albeit hectic—holiday season.


You’ll also find a holiday social media checklist at the bottom of this article to help better organize your pre-holiday tasks.

1. Plan your social media calendar

Laying out a clear plan of what to publish when will help you turn chaos into order.

For that, social media calendars are basically your angels in disguise. Posts and campaigns become super easy to schedule, edit, preview, and publish. Social media calendars also do a great job of aligning everyone on your team to ensure your content is scheduled as planned, eliminating publishing delays, setbacks, and oversights.

And the best part about these calendars is that they save you a hell a lot of time, especially during this time of the year.

So, the first thing that you need to do is populate your calendar with the posts you’re planning to roll out as part of your holiday campaign. Make sure to schedule posts in advance so that you don’t have to so manually during peak hours.

2. Make your social profiles just as festive

It’s not just the Christmas tree in your house that needs Christmas decorations. Your social feed requires the same amount of love and attention to show your holiday vibe on social media.

From changing your profile and cover pictures, to including holiday copy to your captions and bios, don’t skimp on adding any of these festive touches to your brand’s social channels. These are small things that can be done even before you start preparing your social media calendar.

holiday social media tips

3. Create holiday-themed content

A large part of connecting with your audience has to do with creating tailor-made content. Attention-grabbing content supported by visual storytelling will help your brand connect with your audience on an emotional level.

All your research done to tap into your audience’s likes and dislikes should now help you create holiday-themed content that is relevant and appealing to your audience profile.

An example of holiday-themed content can be showing off your products and its usage, especially during the holidays. This way you narrate a story around why people need your product and how it comes into use this time of the year.

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You can also try promoting holiday giveaways (people go bonkers over this), limited time offers, extended holiday-themed trial offers, and online contests to show your audience that you’re getting into the holiday spirit as much as they are.

4. Get a head start on all your social media ads

If you’re planning on running ads on social media, I suggest you get started on them right away!

With millions of incoming requests from brands all over the world to get their ads approved, some social media networks might take longer than usual to give you the green light.

To avoid getting your ads approved late, or worse, getting them rejected the night before the launch of your holiday campaign, you should plan ahead and create and submit your ads for approval.

It also helps to have an overview of your paid and organic campaigns in one unified platform. That way, you can test different styles and messages to see what copy and creatives work best for your audience.

5. Your social inbox is about to get flooded, brace yourself!

Suddenly the holidays don’t seem all that happy and merry, do they? 😛

There’s not much you can do for this one except have a large cuppa hot chocolate by your side to tackle all the incoming messages.


People are going to come knocking on your social front doors asking about their orders, your products, refunds, product returns, and exchanges, among other things in large numbers.

While it’s impossible to have your fingers glued to the keypad, what would help is to have a dedicated engagement tool to help take care of all your social media engagements from one spot. This way you can ensure your team can moderate and rapidly respond to all the messages.

Final thoughts

Well, that’s pretty much it from us.

Hope these five social media tips help you prepare for the holiday season and make the most out of the most wonderful time of the year on social too! 😀

Happy holidays, everybody!

The holiday social media checklist

✅ Give your cover and profile photo a holiday makeover.

✅ Create and submit your holiday ads for approval.

✅ Stuff your social media calendar with holiday content.

✅ Consider also the smaller “SoMe holidays”, like Christmas Jumper Day.

✅ Reward your followers with a holiday-themed giveaway.

✅ Create a fun holiday hashtag that captures the essence of your brand.

✅ Record videos of your product and/or services with the holidays in mind.

✅ Clean out your social inbox to make room for the incoming holiday messages.

✅ Ramp up on social customer service and provide quick answers to customer questions.

✅ Don’t forget to drink some eggnog as you check off each item on this list.