5 Horribly Good Halloween Social Media Marketing Campaigns for 2018.

Trick or treat? We jumped into the social media jungle to see who’s winning the Halloween marketing war. These are the 5 brands that are nailing this season.
Laura Daddiego
October 30, 2018 - 4 min. read

If you’re a marketer, the holiday season is a great time to keep building up your brand.

When October hits, social media timelines start to be flooded with all sorts of spooky content and sometimes some cool advertising campaigns. Brands don’t really hold back with their marketing budgets and you definitely get more creative freedom.

Before premature Christmas music crushes us, Halloween is hands down the best chance to really scare your customers into engaging more with your brand.

Why? One reason is that Halloween has less competition for ad space than the rest of the holiday season, meaning cheaper social ads.

So how are brands rolling out their latest Halloween social media campaigns? Let’s have a look:

Halloween social media marketing campaigns 2018

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Let’s face it, witches and ghosts are totally overrated. What if you could dress up as your favorite sweet treat instead?

Back on October 17th, Dunkin launched their campaign Dunkin’s Halloween Costume Contest, creating an amazing opportunity to connect with their audience and producing some amazing user-generated content:

Insight: The best online campaigns are the ones that allow your audience to truly express themselves. Show that you care, listen to your users’ voices and don’t forget to value their engagement—they’ll appreciate and remember you for it.


According to Fanta Marketing Manager Rosalind Brown, Fanta grew by 23% during Halloween last year. That’s scary good.

This year, they’re taking their marketing to frightening new heights with a $3 million budget and a strong campaign that includes both digital and traditional advertising.

What did the campaign include? Spooky limited-edition bottles and cans, two limited-edition flavors, Snapchat lenses and collaborations with four different influencers.

Fact: Fanta launched its Halloween campaign online in April 2018, when it asked its audience to vote for new limited-edition Fanta flavors.

Insight: Quality over quantity. You don’t need to plan and launch a huge number of campaigns throughout the year to see tangible results. Think about your main goals and objectives, then channel your energy into building a single strong, impactful campaign.

Lush Cosmetics

If you are not into seasonal branding at all, this might be the time to reconsider. For the spookiest season, Lush Cosmetics has released an exclusive Halloween-themed collection that is too good not to be Instagrammed.

The content is valuable and useful, not to mention attention grabbing. Their smart usage of Stories and feed content lets you dive into their products and learn what they have to offer. Shining a seasonal light on their products, Lush is showing flexibility and creativity.

If you can create a strong link between your product and a holiday, a touch of seasonal fun might be what you need, especially if you are a B2C business. Seasonal branding can provide many benefits, from boosting SEO to increasing your emotional connection with your audience.


9 out of 10 consumers buy Halloween candy. Before costumes and decorations, candy is the most popular item people buy. That’s the main reason why the food industry goes wild during Halloween. M&Ms has always been a pro at treating its fans with seasonal campaigns for years—and this year things are no different.

Their latest Halloween marketing stunt includes a short video called “Ghosted”, strong Halloween-themed visuals, a tragic storyline about how “not all candies will survive Halloween without being eaten,” and a limited-edition pumpkin M&M. And if you need tips and tricks on how to prep for the big day, you don’t want to miss their video recipes for spooky treats.

Insight: Seasonal marketing is good, but not without storytelling. M&Ms is a winning example of a brand that has been building exciting stories through the years. With holidays having a strong emotional component, consumers have a fondness for certain celebrations that can create deeper connections with brands.


This year is all about celebrating Jägermeister’s heritage! On Halloween, fans will be able to make a memorable night by letting Jägermeister decide their “cocktail fate.”

Snapchat users can tap on virtual Tarot cards to see their fortunes. Each prediction is matched with a way to drink  Jägermeister. All users need to do is scan a Snapcode on branded materials in bars or stores to unlock the “Divine the Darke” augmented reality (AR) experience. The experience brings these fortunes to life and creates a hauntingly immersive effect like only AR can.

Insight: Another way to structure your next Halloween campaign is to make your followers’ experience digitally interactive to prolong your brand exposure. Not only that, but using new immersive tech like AR, VR, and 360 video can wow users and give them an unforgettable experience with your brand.

Halloween: A marketing opportunity to die for.

Quick fact: In the US, 6.4% of consumers start shopping for Halloween stuff before September. This means that August and September might be the right time to launch a campaign since your followers are already planning and searching the web for inspiration.

If you’re a marketer, this is a great time to build your brand and show personality through Halloween-themed campaigns. Define your goals, decide on your objectives and be creative without ditching your branding. But before you start planning, you should make sure Halloween is relevant to your customer base.

Don’t be afraid to use multiple channels, leverage smaller social networks and set aside a budget for paid ads. Halloween is a perfect opportunity to connect with both your existing and new followers—if you play it right, you can make your next social media campaign terrifyingly popular.

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