5 Scary Good Halloween Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Trick or treat? We jumped into the social media jungle to look for some marketing inspiration for Halloween. Here are 5 examples from brands that we shall share with you.
Laura Daddiego
October 12, 2021 - 4 min. read

Trick or treat? We jumped into the social media jungle to look for some marketing inspiration for Halloween. Here are 5 examples from brands that we shall share with you.

If you’re a marketer, the holiday season is a great time to keep building up your brand.

Before premature Christmas music crushes us, Halloween is hands down the best chance to really scare your customers into engaging more with your brand.

Why? One reason is that Halloween has less competition for ad space than the rest of the holiday season, meaning cheaper social ads.

So how are brands rolling out their latest Halloween social media campaigns? Let’s have a look:

Halloween social media marketing campaigns 2018


1. Lush cosmetics.

If you are not into seasonal branding at all, this might be the time to reconsider. For the spookiest season, Lush Cosmetics released an exclusive Halloween-themed competition that was too good not to be Instagrammed.

The content is valuable and useful, not to mention attention-grabbing.

If you can create a strong link between your product and a holiday, a touch of seasonal fun might be what you need, especially if you are a B2C business. Seasonal branding can provide many benefits, from boosting SEO to increasing your emotional connection with your audience.

2. Legoland.

Brick or treat! Lego is creative as always and brings a spin on Halloween to its products and customers, especially inviting the small ones for a spook-tacular adventure.

In their attempt to safely invite people to a physical event in pandemic times, this is what they did:

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The Halloween spirit helps your brand create great user-generated content. Jump on that wave, especially if you are a B2C brand and use the momentum to create stellar engagement on social media.

3. M&Ms.

Other than costumes and decorations, candy is the most popular item people buy during Halloween. That’s the main reason why the food industry goes wild during Halloween.

M&M’s Halloween marketing stunt included a short video called “Ghosted”, strong Halloween-themed visuals, a tragic storyline about how “not all candies will survive Halloween without being eaten,” and a limited-edition pumpkin M&M. And if you need tips and tricks on how to prep for the big day, you don’t want to miss their video recipes for spooky treats.

Seasonal marketing is good, but not without storytelling. M&Ms is a winning example of a brand that has been building exciting stories through the years. With holidays having a strong emotional component, consumers have a fondness for certain celebrations that can create deeper connections with brands.

4. Marmite.

Some brands live and breathe Halloween. Here is a fresh idea from Marmite.

They created a special campaign and offered limited-edition Marmite trick or treat jars in time for Halloween. These included a Halloween Trick jar which serves as poison for the haters and a Halloween Treat jar which is a potion for the lovers. And the jars can be personalized.

You don’t need to plan and launch a huge number of campaigns throughout the year to see tangible results. Think about your main goals and objectives, then channel your energy into building a single strong, impactful campaign. And always stay true to your brand!

5. Krispy Kreme.

Sweet or Treat Saturdays? That is what this yummy brand offered their community for Halloween. Special product invites like this one are not to miss. The brand invited their audience to surprise their beloved ones and get a $1 Sweet or Treat dozen to share, when you buy a full priced dozen at participating US and Canada stores.

Surprise your audience with a special offer for Halloween! This can be a new product you are testing or an old one that you want to share with the community.

Halloween: A marketing opportunity to die for.

This holiday is a great time to build your brand and show personality through Halloween-themed campaigns. Define your goals, decide on your objectives, and be creative without forgetting your brand’s identity. But before you start planning, you should make sure Halloween is relevant to your customer base.

Don’t be afraid to use multiple channels, leverage smaller social networks, and set aside a budget for paid ads. Halloween is a perfect opportunity to connect with both your existing and new followers—if you play it right, you can make your next social media campaign terrifyingly popular.