The Best Social Media Content Strategies From Small Agencies.

You don't need to be a big agency to bring huge value to your clients and brand.

Caitlin Brennan
October 11, 2016 - 3 min. read

Small agencies: can they hold their own against the resources and highly-paid talent of the big boys? It depends what you want. Big advertising agencies are a safe choice that nobody will fault decision-makers for picking. Those who work with smaller, independent advertising agencies like the personalized treatment that comes from being a bigger chunk of the agency’s business. They also like to work with a more agile, less bureaucratic team that is willing to take risks.

Influencer campaigns: Things Unlimited for Häagen-Dazs
“Small is beautiful” is one of those phrases that will live forever in the history of advertising. Small London agency Things Unlimited has gone very small with its campaign for premium ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs.

After identifying 25 “superfans,” influencers whose good reviews carry weight beyond their numbers, the agency set into motion a three-step campaign that started with sending the influencers “beautiful bespoke branded welcome packs” filled with ice cream bearing personalized lids. Through the campaign, influencers received thoughtfully-packaged ice cream, including new flavors the brand was interested in promoting.

Did this laser-focus on such a small group of influencers work? The agency claims that daily mentions of Häagen-Dazs increased by 378%. Numbers like those mean that Things Unlimited had a good eye for the people who could create the biggest bang for the buck.

If 25 people could turbocharge Häagen-Dazs’s social media buzz, a micro-targeted influencer campaign may also work for you. helps you identify the right targets by setting up advanced queries for audiences and specific influencers. With that data in hand, Falcon’s analytics can help you quantify the results of your influencer campaigns.

Social Listening

The benefits of cross-channel thinking: Red Antler for Casper
Who thought mattresses could ever be cool? Mattress retailer Casper for one, the same people who thought consumers might be convinced to skip the showroom and order one online. Growing from a startup to a company valued at half a billion dollars, Casper broke through one of retailing’s last brick-and-mortar barriers. They replaced showrooms with good design and an innovative “try at home” policy.

New York-based agency Red Antler created a campaign for Casper that maintained a uniform look, feel and themes across all channels. Whether you encountered the company in a tweet or on your morning commute in the subway, it was easy to connect the stylish line art and light themes to facts about the company you may have discovered elsewhere.

We believe that smart cross-channel marketing is crucial because each interaction magnifies the last. But cross-channel isn’t just good for marketing, it’s also good for the budget. When the cost of Facebook advertising increased, it was easy for Casper to shift resources from one channel to another without having to pivot on design, strategy or messaging.


Falcon’s Publish Calendar lets you align your real-time social activity with the rest of your marketing efforts by highlighting important dates, setting reminders and adding stock content to campaigns. You can see all your all your marketing efforts in one place, working in concert, and know the story you’re telling at a glance.

Conclusion: Small agencies are doing big things
The rules used to be written by the high priests of the advertising industry. The Ogilvies and the Saatchis of the world once wrote revered tomes on the proper way to present a client to their markets. Today, the rule books gather dust while smaller, faster agencies discover new best practices and create value where none existed before. Red Antler and Things Unlimited ran very different campaigns, but they had one thing in common: a proactive approach to finding their market and the ability to shape their marketing strategy to match what that market wanted.

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