The Time for Big Data is Now.

The time for big data is now, because tomorrow, it's all about human data.
Manita Dosanjh
October 23, 2015 - 3 min. read

This blog-post was written by Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson, VP of Marketing and Communication at DataSift

Big data has become a prominent marketing buzzword in recent years. As a CMO, you’re often told that if big data isn’t part of your strategy, you’re missing out. But is this true? Experts in the field predict that half of all big data projects will fail, mostly due to their complexity, management failures and lack of clear business objectives. Could focusing on human-generated data instead be of a bigger benefit to you in long-term? I see three key ways that CMOs can embrace human data right now, without a big data headache.

Are you offering the best content and CX for your prospects and customers? 
Gone are the days when a CMO could do his or her job effectively with just one or two B2C messages, and a one size fits all marketing strategy. Understanding human data allows you to craft experiences that take into account your customers’ likes and dislikes. It is almost like being able to have a different conversation with your customer, tailored specifically to his or her needs with seemingly infinite bandwidth. It’s your job to understand these touch points in your purchasing or usage continuum, and then decide and craft which messages you would like to send via your brand channels.

Essentially, you need to develop brand messaging that puts your customers directly in the crosshairs. You have all of this data about your customers’ experiences and interests–it’s time to put it to work, and make the interactions your prospects have with your company more targeted and relevant. You can read more about how topic data can help you to achieve what we call ‘personalization at scale’ here.

How well does your brand resonate with your customers?
Another big question human data can answer for you surrounds your brand’s awareness and reputation with customers. You want to make sure that your value proposition and brand messaging resonate with customers in a positive way, and that social data analytics in particular affords you the mechanism to really understand the sentiment of your prospects and customers. 

How can you address different segments of your market once you’ve collected data insights?
Part of the whole idea behind human data is to bring together vast quantities of very disparate information in a way that enables you to identify trends you would not have ordinarily predicted. This ability to drill down invites the possibility of addressing different segments of your marketplace with a more nuanced strategy. Consider, for instance, how your brand messaging and value proposition could have varying implications for different demographics. Could you have different conversations with, for example, stay at home moms versus working mothers? Could you have a special offer for retirees versus baby boomers who choose to continue working? Are there demographics relating to geography and income that you can research when building messaging for your customers?

The possible use cases for leveraging human data to understand your customers’ self segmentation are endless – you just have to define your goals to know where to start. 

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