Content Consistency Leads to Success.

Using a scheduling tool can help you to provide consistency and quality content across multiple social channels and teams.

Mary Liebowitz
November 12, 2014 - 2 min. read

Content marketing and social media management has been a rapidly expanding field over the last few years. As the skills of content marketers become even faster and more proficient, we still rely on a standard practice to guide our success – consistency.

Consistency in content marketing refers to three things:

  1. The consistent distribution of content to build a reliable presence
  2. A consistent quality of content that makes it appealing as a resource
  3. A consistent voice in content that becomes easily recognizable.

Without consistency in content distribution, quality, and voice, marketers won’t have a leg to stand on.


One of the most effective tools to help ensure social content consistency is a scheduling tool. When paired with an editorial calendar overview, a scheduling tool provides a comprehensive summary. I use the overview to see content distribution and ensure that we have scheduled content optimally across channels, and at prime intervals. I can also view what the rest of the team has contributed, to confirm that all of our scheduled content is on message across all users.


Scheduling content has helped us to build up a continual feed, so that we are actively contributing to our communities in an even distribution. It helped us to measure our content performance, and understand the best times of day for us to post. It’s also a lifesaver in flu season when your team is suddenly mowed down. Have you ever created social posts for your organization while running a fever? I have. I don’t think I used any vowels. Lesson learned.


We previously scheduled posts outside of regular business hours and on holidays, but found over time that the approach wasn’t a perfect fit for us on autopilot. Without having someone actively working on community engagement, we couldn’t provide a quick turnaround on responses on Thanksgiving, for example. We like our community interaction to be fast and fresh, so we always make sure to have someone on the team ready to respond to .

I had the pleasure of meeting marketing strategist and CEO Bryan Kramer in Atlanta recently, and I love the simple formula he’s been sharing about the secret to content success:

Quantity + Quality Storytelling x Consistency = Success

I agree with him 100%. Simple, effective, and perfect.

In addition to focusing on the quantity, quality, and consistency of our content, I like having visuals that I can move around and filter, and a visual content calendar within a unified platform just makes my job a lot easier. 


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