3 Growth Tips for Your Facebook Business Page.

Underestimated ways for building a truly engaging Facebook business page.

Aika Zikibayeva
January 25, 2017 - 5 min. read

With Facebook announcing updates almost every week, it can become difficult for marketers to keep up. How do you get the most from your Facebook business pages?

Still the go-to social network, Facebook has recently released a series of smaller updates. These are designed to help all kinds of businesses get a clearer look at the fans visiting their Facebook channels while driving growth.

‘Growth’ here can mean anything from increasing engagement and conversions to promoting your business to new audiences. Indeed, Facebook now has something to help everyone with their paid or promoted efforts.

Here are three tips to help you take advantage of what’s on offer.

1. Leverage Facebook post CTAs

Marketers now have eight options for posting formats on their Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Business Page Post CTAs

  • The classic photo/video post that can be expanded to canvas, slideshow, carousel or photo album formats.
  • The lead gen/growth driven CTA that entices people to sign-up to your offer.
  • The advertising CTAs, where you can promote your website or create ads.
  • You can also optimize for engagement, in which case your CTAs will entice users to send messages to your business page. The messages will automatically start a thread in Messenger. Tip: This option requires your brand to have a sharp community management system in place, as Facebook publicly shows the responsiveness of brands. Another tip is to add a greeting message for your fans that they can see once they open a chat with you – they will feel more welcome and be more likely to start the conversation.
  • On your Facebook page you can also create events and offers and share them with your community.
  • Generally not a popular feature, Facebook also gives you the chance to “Write a note” (blog, thoughts or a conversation-starter).
  • Last but not least, you can now easily start a live video straight up from your laptop camera. This was previously restricted to the mobile interface or was only possible with professional equipment – but now anyone can take advantage of this star feature.

Your choice of CTAs should align with your overall social media strategy. Consider your KPIs and use Facebook as a tool to help you get there with the CTAs as clear indicators of the path your audience should take.

Be mindful that if you do decide on one, the overall experience should be optimized for that. For example, if you write “Get sign-ups” to direct your fans to a website or app, ensure that there is actually a way to sign-up to the offer they saw on social.

If your link leads them to a homepage only to cut them adrift to find their own way, you can be sure that they will stop the journey there and think twice before clicking your offers again.

2. Customize with Facebook Business Page Templates

Facebook “Business Page Templates” is a feature that may have flown under your radar.

It allows you to customize your page even more to your business. You have seven options to choose from: Standard (the default), Shopping, Business, Venue, Politicians, Professional Services and Restaurants and Cafe. Facebook has designed a layout for each of them that showcases individual strengths and points of sale for the customer.


Facebook Business Page Templates

So, for example, if you own a cafe you can now showcase more photos of your locations, entice people to call you for reservations, or make it easier for your customers to find your locations. For a concert hall, your Event section will be top of tabs, together with visual queues: videos and photos.

These templates can also be customized, and here lies the magic spot for your business. Depending on the overarching goal of your Facebook page, you could entice people to sign-up for a newsletter rather than contact you if you are an event venue with a developed email strategy.

You can also put the visual elements on the page to good use by making a cover photo directing viewers to your CTAs, or one that reinforces your message. There are hundreds of ways you can mix and match all these elements. You shouldn’t take too long before considering if your Facebook Page needs a refresh – and now it’s so easy to get started.

3. Use the extended Dynamic Ads targeting options.

Facebook Dynamic Ads let you promote your products on Facebook in a more tailored and relevant way — instead of testing multiple different ad messages sent to your entire audience, you can personalize the ad content and show different products or business areas based on your customers’ behavior. This is a feature very popular with e-commerce brands, driving interest-based growth.

How to use Dynamic Ads in the travel industry

Facebook has introduced two new key updates to this product, making it even more enticing for marketers. First, it is now bringing this format to mobile with the purpose of driving app installs. So when you browse your favourite retailer on your mobile, whether on Facebook directly or just online, you can now expect to be directed to install their app.

It’s a pretty clever feature, as it provides the right context for an app install due to it being served to people that have in some way interacted with the topic before.

Facebook has also expanded its original dynamic ads retargeting to factor in a person’s website behavior. How does this cross-channel connection work? According to Adweek: “Someone who has been looking for red dresses across multiple retailers and also likes Facebook posts and pages about dresses could automatically be served an ad for a red dress.”

How does Facebook get access to this information? Through its Facebook pixel, already installed on most websites. Facebook will use this behavior (e.g. a user looking at your competitor’s website) to further decide who sees your ads.

This means that now, as well as retargeting users who could potentially be your customers, you can also expand that audience based on their interests and browsing behaviors – growing your impact and ROI accordingly.

Facebook is reinventing itself almost every week. Brands need to stay on their toes if they want to maintain an air of social-savviness. While it is easy to dismiss some of these features, by looking at the whole package we can see they in fact make sense for brands.

Optimizing your Facebook page to align your audience with your goals is vital – and with updates like these Facebook is making it easier and easier for brands to lead fans in their mutual journey.

These have been some of the latest features on Facebook – so why not check out some more by taking a look at our Essential Guide to Facebook Marketing?

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