By Mary Liebowitz

January 16th, 2014

As marketing predictions go, I think 2014 has come in quite aggressively with anticipated trends for social brand management. It may just be the bellowing swan song of the Listicle’s format (let’s hope!), but everyone seems to be excitedly placing their social media prediction bets for the coming year.

I’m quite pleased that we’re now partnering with the social data provider, Gnip, from Boulder, Colorado. Like us, they are a motivated team of competitive individuals who scaled quickly, and really like what they do. Through their “Plugged In to Gnip” program, we’ll be able to tap into an ocean of social data and empower our customers in the process.

In the 2013 report, “Driving Toward Social Intelligence Maturity”, Forrester Research states, “The pinnacle of social maturity is intelligence—full integration of social data into existing business strategies and technologies”, and I fully agree. In 2014, brand management will become even more of a streamlined, exacting science for enterprises, driven by huge amounts of data. The ability to disseminate this data across an organization is going to have a great impact on companies’ capacity to streamline execution.

As social data and the ability to leverage this data is being given greater priority by highly competitive brands, it’s exciting to have a behind-the-scenes seat, watching the enterprise technology develop further.

It will be interesting to see how companies manage brands this year, especially loaded with enormous amounts of data like Gnip provides. I sense a lot of new insight and valuable best practices on the way.

1. [“Driving Toward Social Intelligence Maturity”, (Forrester Research, Inc.: Aug. 7, 2013)]


Read Falcon Social’s Gnip partnership press release here:

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