5 Tips on How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

Are you ready to tap into LinkedIn’s 720+ million network of business specialists?
Roza Tsvetkova
June 10, 2021 - 6 min. read

It’s thrilling to be active on LinkedIn. Over 80% of social media B2B leads come from it. 

Here are 5 tips to get you inspired on how to generate LinkedIn opportunities for your business.  

Tip 1: Get to know your audience 

First things first! Start by putting yourself into your leads’ shoes. How well do you know your ideal customer?  

Identifying your buying persona on LinkedIn is a journey, so equip yourself with the right tools.  

“LinkedIn has a unique social media audience of business professionals and leaders. Make sure that any lead generation efforts provide content that help people do their jobs better and/or add value to them professionally.” 
~ Neal SchafferDigital & Social Media Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Author

 Use your current data as a map to take you to the right spot. Look into the demographic and behavioral characteristics of the people who already enjoy your products or services. 

How do they use LinkedIn? What kind of content do they consume there? At what stage of the sales funnel are your leads? 


Source: Hubspot 

Tip 2: Stand out with your Business page 

 Your brand’s LinkedIn page (well, your entire LinkedIn presence, really) is like your brand’s business card. So why not brush the dust off it so you’re ready to start attracting great new leads.  

 You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you’d better start by taking a closer look at your LinkedIn business page.  

 Are you using all the goodies LinkedIn offers to make your brand shine bright? Take a close look at some of those: 

Source: RevLocal 

  • Your photo and background image 

 Get the right look and feel for your brand and align it with all your channels.  

 The profile photo and background image аre a place to start, but you should also consider all the photo posts you’re sharing on LinkedIn. 

  • Page description and location 

 Show your brand off in the page description. Try to understand what your buying persona is searching for and use such keywords in your LinkedIn business page description for your leads to find you.

  • Hashtags  

 You can add 3 hashtags to your LinkedIn business page, which is another excellent way for leads to find you.  

 Be smart and use your brand hashtags but also event-related ones, which you can update accordingly. 

  • Call-to-action button 

You want your leads to contact you easily, right? So, add a call-to-action button on your page.  

LinkedIn offers you several options, which you can choose from depending on your needs to attract leads, new hires, or drive website traffic or events.  

Don’t forget to use a UTM tracker for the button link so you can measure your results. 

Tip 3: Create a compelling LinkedIn content strategy 

 Now, that your brand had a makeover on LinkedIn, it’s time to start communicating.  

 There are always two sides of the coin with social media – your audience’s needs and the network’s opportunities and limitations. 

 What type of content do B2B leads look for? And what can you do about it on LinkedIn? 

 For some people, it would be like a first date with your brand, where they come across an inspirational piece of content. 

Source: Social Media Examiner 

It will be a second or third encounter for others, where you want to nurture and engage them in an online event.  

Source: Social Media Examiner 

Consider all stages of the sales funnel, aka your relationship with the leads, and create great content. 

Don’t also forget to stay relevant and be part of world events. Here is an excellent video from LinkedIn that tackles the current situation with Covid-19. 


  • Experiment with content formats 

Text, photos, links, videos, LinkedIn Stories, you name it! There are so many content formats you can test and pick the best one that works for your community.  

It’s always good to mix the formats so you can provide a great experience for your audience. 

“The top-performing content on LinkedIn tends to be videos or livestreams. People engage with people, so make sure that your LinkedIn content strategy includes both video and people (employees, partners, customers, industry influencers).” 

~ Neal SchafferDigital & Social Media Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Author

  • Be consistent with your communication 

Find the pulse of your LinkedIn community and communicate consistently. Whether it is posting 4 or 5 times a week – make sure you show up regularly in your leads’ newsfeeds.  

 Be aware of your brand’s tone of voice and design consistency in all your communication across your LinkedIn presence. 

  • Nurture with the 4-1-1 rule 

 Lead nurturing is a piece of art for every brand.  

 Once you had your first encounter with your LinkedIn lead, make sure you consider the 4-1-1 rule.  

 It was originally created as a social media guideline from Twitter by Tipping Labs and then it became popular thanks to Joe Pulizzi, founder of Junta42 and the Content Marketing Institute. 

 The 4-1-1 rule advise you to share: 

  • 4 pieces of inspirational content (the image on the left side) 

With those posts, you want to build awareness and position your brand as a thought leader. For example, you can create educational blog posts or videos to help your audience tackle an issue. 

  • 1 piece of unique content soft-selling your brand (the image in the middle) 

This could be a case study or a how-to guide, which mentions your brand in a subtle way. 

  • 1 piece of high-value lead generation/sales content (the image on the right) 

Source: Easypromos blog 

  • Consider LinkedIn image sizes  

 The size does matter when it comes to your LinkedIn images for posts. So, make sure you follow the guidelines depending on your content type.  

This social media image size guide may come in handy. 

Tip 4: Use the power of ads  

If the content is king, then distribution is the queen. 

So, you have the content strategy in place. Let’s find out how to share it with the world.  

LinkedIn advertising is a unique and compelling way to target and reach out to the right B2B leads for your business. 

“While organic efforts on LinkedIn tend to get more engagement than Facebook at this point in time, when you need to accelerate your efforts, do not hesitate to leverage LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn also gives you compelling targeting options, many of which are not found in Facebook because of the different data that LinkedIn has access to. Add to that unique ad types such as LinkedIn Message Ads, and you begin to see how powerful LinkedIn Ads can be as part of your lead generation efforts.” 

~ Neal SchafferDigital & Social Media Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Author

Ready to try or improve your LinkedIn advertising? A good idea is to A/B test the messages and ad formats you use so you can invest in the top-performing ones. 

Take your time also to discover the different advertising opportunities on LinkedIn, where you can have text, carousel, video, event, etc., and find the best match for your brand and your leads. 

If you are curious how much LinkedIn ads cost and if they are suitable for your business, read more here.  

Tip 5: Engage with your LinkedIn community 

 You’ve got to learn how to work the social media algorithms.  

LinkedIn also has those, and posts are not shown to every one of your followers, but just a fraction of those. Engagement is one of the keys to open the door to their newsfeeds.  

Here are some ideas on how to engage with your audience on LinkedIn: 

  • Answer post comments 

Show up for your community and engage with every single post comment. Whether it’s a question or a statement, it’s important to respect it with a reply.  

You can also consider directing those leads to more of your content with links in the comments. 

  • Join industry or interest groups 

Be proactive and start conversations in specialized LinkedIn groups.  

You can also show your brand’s passion and expertise by engaging in already existing conversations.  

  • Use the power of your employees’ networks  

Join forces with your teammates to spread the news about your brand on LinkedIn. They can link their profiles to your business page and share your posts with their followers.  

It’s a win-win situation to multiply your engagement on LinkedIn.

Let’s wrap up! 

 Game on! It’s time for your brand to start generating the right leads on LinkedIn.  

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