Get in on the Mobile-Friendly 'Rithm'.

Google’s latest algorithm shake-up means mobile retail has truly arrived.  In a case of perfect timing, so has our new mobile preview feature.

Chris Sugrue
March 27, 2015 - 2 min. read

Next month will see the release of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm. It’s a highly anticipated move that recognizes that smartphone screens now mark the start of most customer journeys.

That fact is hardly news to our R&D department, who have just added a mobile content preview to the Publish Content Editor.

There’s Still Time
From April 21, Google will increase the ranking of mobile-friendly sites as well as its indexed apps. The full implications for SEO aren’t known just yet, but brands would do well to ensure their web pages are (mobile) picture perfect now. One thing is certain: mobile retail has come into its own.


And There’s Definitely the Right Tool
The new Publish mobile preview is as simple as it is timely. Currently for iOS only, it allows you to check how each piece of content appears in a mobile format before you send it out. All it takes is a single click within the editor where you can already preview desktop formats.


Falcon Social Product Manager, Justina Malciüte, says the mobile preview was simply a “natural step” for the platform. People can use it to ensure their content is structured optimally to native Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or LinkedIn formats.

“With mobile preview you can check how much of your content people will see without having to click on a ‘Read More’ button. You can ensure your key message isn’t being cut off.”

Think Mobile First
This latest algorithm shift by Google bumps mobile straight to the front of the content consideration queue. Which is where it should be in light of studies released last year that showed mobile now accounts for more than half of retail traffic in the US and the UK. But the fact is many companies still treat mobile-friendly presentation as an afterthought or even just a ‘nice to have’.

On April 21, it graduates to being a ‘must have’. Publish mobile preview is one of the ways you can ensure your brand doesn’t get cut off, or simply left behind in the continuing rise of mobile retail.

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