Hamburgers, Bikes, Star Wars, and More: The Complete May 2021 SoMe Holiday Calendar.

Here are the most important (and strangest) holidays, events, and hashtags for social media managers and digital marketers to know this month.
Veena Ramakrishnan
April 30, 2021 - 6 min. read

I had you at Star Wars, didn’t I?


If you ask me, most social media holidays are either strange or just outright bizarre. I mean, when was the last time you asked your boss for a day off to celebrate Bubble Bath Day or French Toast Day?

Not that you shouldn’t take a day off to eat some creamy and syrupy French toasts, but, as individuals, it’s sometimes hard to connect with all these strange holidays/observances you see on the internet.

Now, for brands, on the other hand, this is an opportunity like no other to engage in some lighthearted banter with your audience and get engagement points in return.

So, to help you do just that, we curated a list of holidays. It’s packed with great content inspiration that every brand can learn from on social media. Oh, and we’ve also made a free, downloadable social media holiday calendar for you to plan out your social media holiday posts (get them at the bottom of this article.)

Let’s dive in!

Social media holidays May 2021

May 1st

May Day #MayDay

May Day or International Labor Day has different origins in different countries. But what it unanimously symbolizes is the achievements of the workforce. Are you wondering what campaigns to curate for your brand this May Day? We’ve got just what you need. Here is a compilation of successful social media posts from the past.

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May 4th

Star Wars Day #StarWarsDay & #Maythe4thBeWithYou

What better day to channel all your content creation force than on the legendary Star Wars Day? If you’re wondering how to join the conversations to market your brand in real-time, we’ve got something here that will help you become a content Jedi.

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May 5th

Cinco De Mayo #CincoDeMayo

Bring on the tacos and lime! Is your brand planning on creating content for Cinco de Mayo? Take a look at this collection of top brand posts to inspire your next great idea.

May 6th

Nurses Day #NursesDay

There is no time like the present to tell how grateful we are for the incredible work nurses are doing in the face of a deadly global pandemic. This May 6th, make sure to give a shout-out to these real superheroes. And if you don’t know how to go about it, here are some excellent examples from last year.

World Password Day #WorldPasswordDay

Passwords are literally your digital gatekeepers that ensure all your information is safe and secure. Some brands even think that passwords should be like your underwear; “the longer, the better, change them often, and don’t leave them lying around.” Every year on May 6th, brands come together to create awareness on using strong passwords and share tips on maintaining essential security to protect your personal data. Scroll on to see how brands participate in this event.

No Diet Day #NoDietDay

Celebrate your body just as it is! You don’t need a dedicated day to break free from fad diets. Maybe this is a message you want to send across to people this year? In any way, here are some excellent examples of how brands observed No Diet Day on social last year.

May 9th

Lost Sock Memorial Day #LostSockMemorialDay

Where do all the missing socks go? We will never know, but the least we could do is throw them a nice little memorial, right? If you think No Socks Day is a bizarre holiday, you’ll need to really roll your socks up for this one. Lost Sock Memorial Day is definitely famous among brands on social media. It’s a hilarious addition to your content calendar and catches the audience’s eye. We’ve put together a list of successful content from the past to help you with a few ideas.

Mother’s Day #MothersDay

You know you can’t get away with just making your mom a handmade card for Mother’s Day. You need to put in all your thoughts and resources into a real gift. Same goes for your brand page. You need to up your game and create innovative content, just like these brands have done.

May 15th

International Day of Families #FamilyDay

Who if not families could keep us safe and loved during these pandemic times? And brands come up with exciting offerings to help us enjoy this special day with near and dear ones. Take a look at what brands did last year!

May 17th

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia #IDAHOT2021

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t miss on social this May, it’s the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. If you represent a brand that is vocal about their stance on LGBTQ rights, make sure to mark this date on your calendar! And for brands that are just starting, here is some brand inspiration from past years.

May 21st

National Bike to Work Day #BTWD

A day like Bike To Work Day sure can make a real difference to the poor state of the environment. Scroll on to see what brands have done to create awareness on Bike to Work Day.

May 25th

National Wine Day #NationalWineDay

Like we need an excuse to open up a bottle of wine! *scoffs* But if you do, May 25th is just the day you want to treat yourself to a tall glass of wine. Take a look at what top brands did on that day last year and fuel your campaigns with creative posts.

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May 28th

Sunscreen Day #NationalSunscreenDay

Any skin-aware human will tell you that sunscreen is essential for any day of the year. Yes, even during the winter sometimes. Sunscreen day tries to remind everyone of the importance of SPF. Here’s what brands have done to create awareness on this occasion.

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Hamburger Day #NationalHamburgerDay

Now, this is a holiday we’re looking forward to! Wondering what campaigns to curate for your brand this Hamburger Day? We’ve got you covered. Here is a compilation of successful social media posts from the past.

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May 31st

Memorial Day #MemorialDay #MDW

Memorial Day is an important holiday in the US, where we honor the brave warriors that lost their lives serving their country. If you’re planning on putting out some content or running a campaign, we’ve got some ideas to help you.

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Final thoughts

Well, my fellow marketers, that’s all we got in store for May. For our complete monthly social media calendar (and a nice-looking one, too), click on the download button below and save the image that pops up. Cheers!

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