How to Post the Best Content on Social Media.

The basics for beginners, and a brush-up for the pros.
Michael Berean
February 9, 2018 - 7 min. read

The importance of social media is not lost on anyone in the modern business environment. These channels have become essential components of virtually every company’s marketing strategy.

However, despite social media’s integral role in reaching potential customers, sometimes it’s wise to get back to basics.

Let’s review the process and strategy of how to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Though you may already know the basics of posting on social media, it never hurts to have a quick refresher on the options each platform gives you and how you can use them.

Keep in mind that audiences consume content differently on each platform and adjust your outreach accordingly. Here are some tips on how to maximize the potential of your social media strategy and reach your target audience on all major channels.

How to post on Facebook

How to post on facebook

Facebook is one of the most prominent social media platforms around today. With a total user base of 2.2 billion active monthly users, it’s an impossible channel to ignore. Posting on Facebook is relatively easy, and you can push out content in five simple steps.

How to post on Facebook:

1. From the top of your timeline or News Feed, click what type of story you want to share, such as a status, photo, or video.

2. Type in any additional details you would like as a caption.

3. Next, you can tag friends, schedule a date for the post, add a location, add a photo, and add how you’re feeling or what you’re doing as you post.

4. Select an audience for your post. Audiences allow you to segment the different groups of people you would like to target.

5. Finally, click post to set the schedule or immediately post the content.

how to post on facebook
Facebook lets you post a wide variety of content, from text to photos to videos.

Facebook also offers users the opportunity to engage with groups. Groups are a great way to make new connections and extend your reach even further. Within Facebook groups, you can create posts, upload photos and videos, create polls, and more.

By joining and actively participating in groups, you go beyond your friends and followers to get your message in front of new eyes. This, in turn, can lead to new followers who will view your timeline. It’s definitely worth learning how to post to a Facebook group.

You should also consider boosting (paying to promote) your most important Facebook posts. Boosted posts can help you increase the likelihood that your target audience can see your content on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great option if your business goal is to get people interacting with your content since your boosted post will be optimized to reach the users who are most likely to like, share, or comment on it.

See the Essential Facebook Guide for Marketers for more tips on formats and advertising, and make sure to avoid these pitfalls if you do decide to advertise on Facebook.

How to post on Instagram

How to post on Instagram

Posting on Instagram requires a somewhat different approach than posting to Facebook, because this platform is primarily visual-driven. Uploading a photo to Instagram is also a straightforward process that involves just a few easy steps.

How to post on Instagram:

1. Tap the “plus” symbol at the bottom of your screen to post an existing photo or to take a new one on the spot.

2. Once your photo is selected (or taken), it’s time to decide if you want to add effects or a filter to improve the aesthetic.

3. Add a caption and/or your location. This step is especially important, because this is where you will create the hashtags that help you make inroads into different parts of the larger Instagram community. 

how to post on instagramOnce you’ve selected your photo and added effects, be sure to add relevant info and hashtags in the caption.

Hashtags should be a prominent part of your strategy on this platform; while they are useful on Facebook, they are absolutely essential on Instagram.

This channel is unique in that it gives you a great opportunity to be fun and friendly while staying on brand message at the same time. Don’t be afraid to show your brand’s human side, but also make sure your posts are consistent with your company image.

Rather than spamming hashtags, remember to use highly relevant ones to reach customers who will care about your company and its content.

So that’s how to post on Instagram. You can get further tips to increase engagement here, or download the Essential Instagram Guide for Marketers.

Now for something more serious…

How to post on LinkedIn

How to post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an altogether different environment than both Facebook and Instagram. While brands often want to take a more informal approach on those two platforms, LinkedIn demands a balance that skews more professional than laid back.

Posting on LinkedIn is not unlike posting on Facebook, and content can be created on this channel in 4 easy steps.

How to post on LinkedIn:

1. Visit your LinkedIn homepage.

2. Choose whether you’d like to share a status update, photo, video, or article on LinkedIn.

3. Write your text or add a caption to the content you are going to post. Text is limited to 1,300 words on LinkedIn.

4. Finally, click post to share the content with your followers.

how to post on linkedin
You can share articles, ideas, and media on LinkedIn—just be sure to keep it professional.

While it’s always wise to adopt a likable social media persona, LinkedIn is about business, so refraining from being overly casual (without becoming totally robotic) is key.

Despite its business focus, LinkedIn is still about person-to-person connections, so engage with your audience as individuals. Branded content is important, but making one-to-one connections between your employees and the people you want to reach is a winning strategy.

After all, there’s no point in learning how to post on LinkedIn without learning how to make those posts have a meaningful person-to-person impact.

To that end, encourage your employees to build their brands as thought leaders and share your brand message on their personal accounts. This is a win-win for employees and the company alike.

For more in-depth tips, see the Essential LinkedIn Networks Guide for Marketers.

How to post on Twitter

How to post on LinkedIn

Last but not least, there is Twitter. Twitter feeds are abuzz with quick updates and a great source of links to external materials. And tweeting is a simple three-step process that takes very little time and can end up with massive reach.

How to post on Twitter:

1. Type your tweet into the “compose box” on your timeline, or click the “tweet” button on the top navigation bar.

2. Each tweet can include up to 280 characters, four photos, a single GIF, or a video.

3. Click tweet to send your content out to your followers.

how to post on twitter
Twitter also allows you to tag your location or even create interactive polls for your followers.

Just like on Instagram, hashtags are an important part of reaching new members of your target audience. Again, trending hashtags are important, but only when they’re relevant to the content you’ve created.

Using visuals is also a wise part of any Twitter strategy. People are naturally drawn toward engaging photos and images, and are far more likely to interact with a tweet that includes a photo or video.

Gaining likes and retweets can go a long way toward extending your reach to other members of your target audience as well. Almost more important than how to post to Twitter is how to make sure those posts get seen.

Discover more Twitter tips n’ tricks in the Essential Twitter Guide for Marketers.

How to post everywhere

These basic tips should be enough to get you started creating and sharing engaging content that reaches your target audience and builds a stronger brand message.

But what if you didn’t need to follow a separate procedure for each and every social media platform? What if how to post on Instagram was the same as how to post on Facebook?

Enter Falcon. With our Publish content calendar, you can post to all of your social channels through the same handy feature.

How to post on social media

The Publish Editorial Calendar in Falcon

While you should still have a nuanced strategy for each platform, Publish can help you cut out those extra steps and save you time and effort. And recently, how to post on Instagram just became even easier

Using a content calendar like Publish frees you from the fragmentation of doing it natively by network. You can see all your posts and campaigns in one place and collaborate across teams and markets. Then there are handy time-savers such as automatic image sizes, and the enormous advantage of being able to preview how the post will look on mobile devices

And much, much more.

So follow the basic guidelines for your social media channels and pay close attention to the dos and don’ts for each. And now that the “how” of posting is fresh in your mind, maybe it’s time to think about when you should be putting those awesome posts out.

As time goes on, though, you’ll find yourself learning more and adding more nuance to your strategies on each platform. While there are more advanced social media strategies out there, sticking to these basics and catering to your audience is a time-tested method that won’t let you down.

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