Monthly Social Media Calendar: January 2019 Edition.

When the party's over on New Year's Day, it's time to get back to business. We're helping you out with this free January calendar. It's packed with the events and hashtags to help you kickstart your 2019.
Chris Sugrue
December 17, 2018 - 2 min. read

It takes some effort to ease yourself into January.  The first day of the year usually looks something like this…


…then, thanks to the transient magic of  New Year’s resolutions, January 2nd tends to see the debut of the brand-new you.


To help keep that momentum going when you get back to the office, it would be wise to do some prep work now.

Here’s some help: all the events and dates you need to get a headstart on your January 2019 social media calendar. Download the free calendar by clicking below and saving the image that opens.

january social media holiday calendar 2019

So what’s happening in January?

Acknowledging that the Western world is a little partied out in January, this month offers a pretty sober lineup of events. The US celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. day on the 21st. Meanwhile, the land down under has its national holiday of Australia Day on the 26th.

We also keep it pretty straight-laced with the zeitgeist-laden Data Privacy Day on the 28th. 

A slight change in the mix is the Sundance Film Festival starting on January 24 and running until February 3. This year’s event will feature a record-breaking 14,259 submissions from 152 countries.

There’s something for marketers too

There are a couple of social media ‘holidays’ that are very poignant for marketers in January. First, there is the first quarterly Get to Know Your Customers Day on the 17th.

This will be followed up by Community Manager Appreciation Day on the 28th. That’s a day I’m sure anyone who works in social media marketing can whole-heartedly get behind—be sure to show yours some love.

On behalf of the team here at, we’d like to wish you a fantastic Christmas and a productive new year! For even more January inspiration, download our new 2019 Digital Trends Handbook below.