Jurassic World and Mercedes' Compelling Social Content.

How Mercedes and Jurassic World teamed up on social content and used a cool Twitter feature to build buzz before their big premieres.
Matthew Klein
July 3, 2015 - 3 min. read

Jurassic World was one of this year’s most anticipated screen releases. That was as true on social media as anywhere else, where franchise fans were eating up any new information on the first installment in fourteen years.

Adding significantly to the eagerness was the fact that Mercedes Benz partnered with Universal for the movie and was debuting a brand new model of Mercedes in the film.

Taking advantage of Twitter’s features

But, instead of giving the first glimpse of the GLE Coupé during the movie, they took advantage of a cool, somewhat underused Twitter feature to unleash the first image of the new model on the network, engaging their audience and creating buzz in a way that worked well with the studio’s pre-release campaigns.

The feature is known as Flock to Unlock. It’s simple, but it’s a good way to build not only engagement but repeat engagement with your content. It’s something that people have been doing informally since Twitter’s early days—once a certain number of retweets was reached, something cool happens—often exclusive content gets released.

Recently Twitter made it an official feature for advertisers. Brands no longer have to count the number of engagements themselves and tweet out the “prize” separately. Content can be automatically revealed once a certain number of engagements has been attained.

Mercedes’ social media teams had fans tweet with the hashtag #unlockalphacar. Once a tweet threshold had been reached, they finally sent out the first image of the GLE Coupé into the world. It was met with major excitement from their fans.


In fact it was a double reveal, since the pic also gave a first peek at one of the most mysterious characters in the new flick—the Indominus Rex, which had before only been seen in part, in the image below. Jurassic fans were so excited about the dinosaur debut that it got a good amount of earned media coverage as well.

More cool social content

And after the image was unlocked, they posted a video of the new auto in action, which Universal also released on its own channels.

Mercedes’ campaigns for the movie went beyond Twitter engagement. They also released a high-quality video with shots of the car on set and in the film, which racked up 100k+ views. It didn’t hurt that the film’s stars, Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, talked up the new GLE in the short. The video racked up a lot of coverage, not least among the automotive press.


So what can be learned here? Mercedes’ content worked particularly well here because it “fit” with the studio’s campaigns and even with the film itself. The video of the GLE they released was more like a movie trailer than a traditional car video. And their Flock to Unlock—appropriately for such a suspenseful film—counted on the audience’s anticipation and engagement, rather than just releasing content out of the blue. And, when partnering, a little cross promotion goes a long way.

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