Social Login identifies Customer Journey.

A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats Channels. Marketing today is challenging, but social login can help. 
Ronja Gustavsson
Ronja Gustavsson
October 16, 2014 - 3 min. read

Andrew Jones, an analyst at Altimeter groupguest blogs, giving us some great insights on how companies can use social login to enrich customer profiles. Andrew’s work at Altimeter group focuses on customer identity and cross-channel marketing technology.

Connect, one of our latest product releases, enables personalized customer engagement through social login, uniting enriched social profiles with online behavior technology. We believe this will help brands to put a face to consumer activity, and turn daily behaviors into actionable insights.

Profile-image-800x400Andrew Jones, Analyst, Altimeter group

Marketers today face a major challenge: to deliver contextually relevant messages and experiences to prospects and customers about whom they typically know very little. In addition, the adoption of social media and mobile devices has made the customer journey more complex and difficult to track than ever.

But there’s hope: consumers are creating and sharing more information about themselves than ever before, which creates new opportunities to gain insight about who they are and what they care about. The information available in social media, specifically, can help brands 1) identify and better understand prospects and customers throughout the customer journey and 2) use that insight to deliver targeted, personalized messages and experiences to them across channels.


Most people are familiar with social login and know it allows users to repurpose their existing login from a social network to sign into a third party website instead of perpetually creating new accounts. The initial benefit for brands was to lower website bounce rates, as users often left when confronted with yet another signup form. Yet the bigger value today, and what many brands don’t yet understand, is the rich audience insight social login can provide. By using social login, brands can tap social profile data and understand real-time actions and interests from individuals.

Brands can use this Social Identity data – whether it’s demographic, interest, behavioral or any number of other attributes – to create more detailed customer profiles and segments. Every time a user Follows, Likes, or Retweets a piece of content, for example, we can learn more about them and their interests. By going even a step further and combining this with other existing data like CRM, email, or web, it’s possible to gain greater visibility into a customer’s entire lifecycle – from discovery and interest to purchase all the way to support and loyalty.


Social login is not just about social media – a single channel – but about understanding customers better in order to engage them more effectively across all channels. By employing customer insight gleaned from social login, organizations have been able to directly increase metrics like open rates and click-through rates (CTR) in email and advertising. While this can be used to concretely demonstrate social media ROI, the ultimate value is in helping brands to build better, more valuable customer relationships.

Social Login on Tuborg's website

Social Login on Tuborg’s website (age gate)

The ability to leverage Social Identity is a paradigm shift for brands. By enriching customer profiles with this additional data, brands don’t have to rely on just historical interactions and transactions, but much more specific details like age, location, contacts, and real-time needs and wants. This means marketers can begin to deliver the relevant, personalized messages customers increasingly expect.


Traditional web tracking, via cookies, is notoriously unhelpful when it comes to mobile devices. One way in which it makes sense to integrate data from social login, which is easier to track in mobile, is with web data in order to see user behavior across social, web and mobile. An integrated view offers far better customer insight throughout the messy cross-channel, cross-device customer journey that most brands have such difficulty understanding today. Rather than guess at correlating behaviors, brands are thereby enabled to react in real-time and anticipate customers.


Falcon Social – Connect  – Insight dashboard

Social identity data, such as that captured by social login, is so important that we’ve found some marketers making it the centerpiece of their customer databases. There is simply so much valuable information in social media that brands will increasingly look to capture and integrate it for better customer intelligence. Those that do so successfully will have competitive advantage – and those that do not risk irrelevance to their customers.

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